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How to use the web to recover from the end of a relationship

At some point in our lives, there come moments when everything seems lost, meaningless, as if we were suddenly drained of all our enthusiasm and joy that had characterised our days. The end of a relationship can certainly have such effects, in some cases even worse.

In those particular moments, many people have completely lost their senses, starting to lead an unruly and unordered life, indulging in excesses of various kinds and completely losing control of themselves. This happens especially for those who have come out of a long relationship, even of ten or fifteen years, during which they had become one with their partner.

At such times it is very easy to let oneself go, abandoning oneself to despondency and laziness, or even neglecting one’s professional commitments. Many even stop eating and start neglecting their physical appearance and personal hygiene routine.

Beyond conventions

Regardless of the severity of the break-up, no one should go that far. Who said that the life of human beings should only be defined as fulfilled and meaningful if it is lived next to another person, a partner?

Society and conventions continue to inculcate in us the belief that the primary purpose of existence is to form a family, to have children to turn into good and docile citizens, ready in turn to multiply and generate other fundamental cogs in the operation of society. But what has happened, amidst all this talk, to respect for oneself, one’s person and one’s individuality? Yes, it has been almost completely forgotten.

No society has any interest in cultivating the cult of personality, individualism or personal development, because it would do them no good. A mass of individualists would be far less useful than an army of families and children to be educated, nurtured and walked around with, this is there for all to see.

Nowadays, anyone who spends time for himself, solely for his own personal development and betterment, is considered an outcast, an antisocial, and generally counted among the people to be kept away from, as if he were some sort of criminal. Yet everyone should learn to live and survive on their own, without the support of anyone else, completely outside their comfort zone.

A unique opportunity

Those who are fresh from the break-up of a relationship, paradoxically, are in the perfect position to finally start dedicating themselves to themselves and their own improvement, in stark contrast to what society has been trying to impose on us for centuries.

Instead of obsessively trying to throw yourself immediately into a sexual relationship with another person, devote yourself instead to strengthening your personality, to building your new character. Disappear for six months, meditate, exercise regularly and explore the web in search of activities that keep you busy for hours, such as online video games.

Don’t feel guilty about spending time playing games, interacting with other people online and having fun. Do not forget that you are doing it for yourself, to heal a still bleeding wound that needs to be closed as soon as possible, urgently.

Joining an online gaming community will also help you detoxify from the social life you were used to, and to which you most likely do not wish to return. Use the web to definitively cut ties with your painful past, and look ahead.

Online you will find countless opportunities for recreation, fun and relaxation, thus filling the daily hours that you do not dedicate to work or to your new interests. The secret to getting out of an emotional crisis is all here, in the daily practice of new, enjoyable activities, but also in taking care of yourself concretely, also through entertainment.

Anyone who surfs online in search of new sources of entertainment will sooner or later come across the numerous portals dedicated to online gambling and entertainment, and will discover that they can be excellent allies for focusing the mind on something extremely electrifying and forgetting all problems, including those of an emotional nature.

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Shutting oneself in is sometimes the shortest way to rediscover one’s personality, to strengthen it, but also to heal the wounds of the soul.