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5 Reasons Why Drinking Champagne Is Good For You

It feels like Christmas is not that far now, indicating that it is the right time to stock up on all the champers. You do not have to feel guilty the next time you plan on popping the champagne cork at a wedding, indulgent breakfast, or perhaps christening. If you didn’t really know, the fizzy thing is good for your health. As a result, the following time you wish to raise a toast, there are several health benefits of consuming bubbles, but in moderation.

Opening a champagne bottle is the best part when celebrating weddings, accomplishments, and birthday parties. The thing other people might not know about champagne is the advantages it can offer, even though it’s an alcoholic beverage, to begin with. More so, the natural components in the drink can work excellently for users suffering from chronic health issues, such as improving heart health and establishing young-looking skin. However, if you wish to learn more about the medicinal advantages of a bottle of champagne, like Andre Champagne, here are a few ideal reasons why you must drink or include it in your beauty cycle.

1. It prevents memory loss and dementia.


One of the studies conducted at Reading University states that drinking close to three glasses weekly can enhance brain health. Even though the investigation was done on rats and mice, the study saw several positive results. Half of the rats were provided champagne daily for six weeks. Plus, they were tasked with concluding the maze cycle, and as the sober ones had a standard success rate of 50%, those bubbly drinkers saw a 70% success. Nice life for a little rat, isn’t it?

2. It boosts heart health.

Like red and white wine, a glass of champagne is ideal for your heart health. If you didn’t know, the beverage is crafted from red and white grapes, which comprise antioxidants known as polyphenols. That said, polyphenols act as micronutrients, preventing damage to blood clots and vessels and reducing bad cholesterol. This particular communication lowers the risk of heart illnesses like strokes. Wine consumption can also cause episodes of mortality and morbidity due to coronary heart diseases.

Of course, like any other wine, you must drink the beverage in moderation in order to extract its valuable quotient.

3. It boosts hair volume.


Every grape used to produce champagne comprises antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals. This occurs to enhance hair volume. Are you surprised yet? Considering this, sparkling wine undergoes a fermentation process that leaves behind amino acids and vitamins that tend to offer softness and shine to the locks.

Plus, champagne’s golden saturated color can also improve the golden highlights and make your blonde hair as shiny and gorgeous as ever. If this is what you’re looking for, here’s how to get the procedure started:


  • Take a bottle and mix an equal portion of champagne and warm water. Now, it is time to spray the mix on your hair post-bath.
  • The following step is to leave the mix for over ten minutes and let your hair integrate the vital nutrients of the beverage.
  • Going forward, take warm water and rinse thoroughly. You can even take a hair blower and use it to give those locks an extra lift.
  • Even though this is optional, you could still pour champagne on your hair. Wait, you have to do it from the roots to the tips. Then, let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing correctly.

4. It can positively affect your sex drive.


It is a known fact that alcohol makes everyone lose their inhibitions. That is because most drinks offer a brief buzz but leave you with little to no energy and affect the blood flow you require for sexual arousal. On the other hand, champagne enables a user to experience its impact much more quickly without sapping their energy.

5. It allows you to achieve younger-looking skin.


While the said beverage consists of white and red grapes, which are excellent sources of resveratrol (a solid antioxidant that can protect your skin from damage), it enables you to keep glowing and young skin. One can use the beverage over their face to absorb its anti-aging advantages.

Irrespective of resveratrol, this beverage consists of tartaric acid and polyphenols, helping alleviate inflammation and redness, provided you use it as a toner. Because of its abundant antioxidants, champagne is ideal for acne-prone and oily skin. They help eliminate excess oil and sebum, offering you a glowy face. In addition, it’s worth learning that other alcoholic beverages can make your skin dry and high. Keeping this in mind, it’s actually ideal to use this beverage as one of your toners once or twice weekly.

But, in the end, remember to moisturize your face after every specific application. The point is always to remember the basics.



Drinking champagne or incorporating it into your beauty cycle can offer loads of medicinal advantages, including those mentioned in the article. But, it would help if you remembered to consume the beverage in moderate doses. Never overdo drinking habits, as it can come back to haunt you in the long run. If you do not drink champagne in moderation, it will push off the purpose of improving your bodily health. Perhaps a couple of glasses is more than sufficient to extract the benefits of that sparkling wine.