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Great Places that Accept Cryptocurrency in NYC

Cryptocurrency is a broadly used term around the world. It is gaining popularity swiftly and has been trending over the past few years. We usually forget that we can actually spend cryptocurrency. Although cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and its prices fluctuate steadily, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have constantly been rising for the last couple of years. 

Now, the most frequently asked question is where anyone can spend their cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or XRP to buy goods and services. Elsewhere, most merchants will still refuse to take your hard-earned cryptocurrency if you try to spend it. Contrary to it, New York City has a lot of stores, websites, merchants and brands that accept cryptocurrency as a payment. You can easily buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency and pay online in NYC from the comfort of your homes.

If you crave a bite, then these eateries are a must to visit: 

  • La Sirène:

To provide guests with a unique experience, a new French restaurant in New York City allows them to pay in cryptocurrency. This is New York’s second La Sirène restaurant. The first is in Lower Manhattan, right in the city’s heart. According to the West Side Rag blog, the eatery takes Bitcoin, cash, check, and American Express, but not Visa or Mastercard.

  • Zurutto Ramen & Gyoza Bar:

Zurutto is a welcomed newcomer in the ramen business in the Upper West Side. It is a Japanese restaurant in NYC. This bar allows its customers to pay in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and accepts any credit cards. They have wheelchair accessibility for disabled and older men and women. It is also a good restaurant for kids and groups with a good ambiance.

  • San Carl Osteria Piemonte:

An Italian restaurant, San Carl Osteria Piemonte in NYC, provides its guests with good service, a cozy environment, and a delicious meal and offers them to pay in cryptocurrency.

  • Melt Bakery:

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2014, Julian Plyter, owner of Melt Bakery, believes he has done roughly 75 Bitcoin transactions. Still, he claimed there’d been an upswing in recent months as Bitcoin speculation reached a fever pitch in the press.

Following are the places in NYC where you can shop with cryptocurrency and you don’t have to take cards or cash with you:

  • Marmalade:

Marmalade is a vintage women’s clothing store in Brooklyn’s Green point neighborhood. This shop provides you with almost every sort of clothes, including boutique dresses, vintage-inspired girl’s dresses, toddler boutique dresses, girls Birthday dresses, retro girl’s dresses, and much more. This outlet gives you the facility to pay in cryptocurrency.

  • Little Hippie:

This small store has everything a person wants. It also allows you to pay online in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. You can purchase gifts and presents from the store for your loved ones without the need to spend cash. 

  • Postmasters Art Gallery:

For every piece available for purchase, the Postmasters art gallery in lower Manhattan accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum. Digital art sales come with newly minted NFTs verifying ownership, and the deal is made as a wallet-to-wallet transaction.

Meanwhile, there is a private fitness center on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Kavasutra, a non-alcoholic bar in Manhattan’s East Village, and Yeras Restaurant Sports Bar in Jackson Heights, Queens all accept cryptocurrency.

If you are searching for an educational institute, there are numerous training and educational programs in New York City:

  • The Montessori Schools:

After numerous parents inquired co-founder and Chairman Marco Ciocca about using Bitcoin to pay tuition — around $30,950 for full-day children — the two Manhattan Montessori schools began taking it in June.

  • New York University’s Stern School of Business:

Courses like “Accounting and the Blockchain,” “Topics in Cryptocurrency Investing,” and “Digital Currencies, Blockchains, and the Financial Services Industry” are available at New York University’s Stern School of Business in lower Manhattan. Students at NYU’s School of Professional Studies can earn certifications in “alternative investments” and “fintech,” respectively, both of which contain a course on “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.” Join the Blockchain Lab at NYU student group if you’re searching for further on-campus involvement.

If you are in NYC and looking for something entertaining, see the following places:

  • Brooklyn Video Games:

The company was founded in 2015. This is a little video gaming shop. They started renting a small space on March 15, 2015 and expanded to a bigger location on April 16, 2016. They sell both new and used video games from the 1980s and 1990s. They also permit their customers to pay in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency ATMs:

One thing that has made shopping with crypto easy is the crypto ATMs. They work exactly like regular ATMs. Users can use crypto debit cards and withdraw or send any cryptocurrency through ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs are now fully regulated in NYC so that customers can use cryptocurrency anywhere anytime. There are over 1000 Bitcoin ATMs in NYC right now, fully working to make everything easy for its users.

Crypto Regulations:

A few prominent currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, and Binance USD, are on the Department of Financial Services’ “Green list” of pre-approved assets. However, individual certification is required for crypto assets that are not on the Green list.