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Is it really easy to win in a blackjack game?

Casinos usually are known for slots or roulettes. However, blackjack is one game that has beaten all of its competition and emerged as one of the most played games. Regardless of its form, online or conventional, blackjack enjoys its popularity.

There are multiple reasons you can associate with it, which are discussed below. But, one thing that is worth mentioning is its gameplay. Blackjack is an entirely different card game. You need to be good at calculations and have a good memory. As long as you have these two traits, you can win. This article also explores several winning strategies you can apply in a blackjack game.

Why is blackjack popular?

Low house edge

The primary concern for every casino player is the house edge since the house always wins. Although you may not beat the house, you can ensure you do not give away a substantial portion of the winnings.

Blackjack is one of the rarest casino games, with a house edge of 1% and sometimes below. However, if you play well and apply the right winning strategies, it is highly likely that you will only lose a dollar for every $100 bet. As a result, many pundits believe blackjack favours the player in the long run.

Simple rules

Blackjack has simple rules for the gameplay. You only play against the dealer and either choose between hit and stand. There are other moves like double down and split, for which you need to receive specific cards. You and the dealer aim to get the score to 21 or closer without busting to win.

Bet size and payout

Blackjack has a rare combo of minimal bet size and a huge payout. The standard payout is 3:2, which is considered profitable in casino gaming. Because you are only playing against the dealer, what happens on the table should not concern you too much.

Also, online casinos have allowed more people to play blackjack. The minimum you can play with is $1. So it is pocket friendly to play games like online blackjack real money.

Quick paced

It’s surprising how fast the action in a game like blackjack unfolds. Blackjack is the perfect game for players looking for immediate results.

Tips for winning blackjack

Basic strategy

The odds for an unseen card to be a 10 are always high. So you must assume the dealers face down to be a 10 and make your move accordingly. All the cards from 2 to 9 have points of their face value. At the same time, aces are worth 1 or 11.

Double down

It is crucial to know when to double your bet. When you notice the total of the first two cards is 11, double the bet. If you get a pair of aces or 8s, split the hand in two. This way, you have a chance to increase your odds of winning. It is because you are assuming to receive a 10-pointer card.

Never Split

This rule is universal. Never split a pair of 5s. You already have a total of 10, so you must bank on it. Also, it is disadvantageous to split cards valuing 10.

Insurance bet

It is tricky. The dealer offers the player to take an insurance bet when they expect to have a winning hand. Never take an insurance bet. You will lose both ways; your original bet and the insurance money. Your primary purpose in playing blackjack is to maximize winnings.