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What Is an SVG File Used for?

When it comes to attractive interface, company presentation, and website redesign, images can play a great role, adding more sense and colors to your projects. One of the key points here is to provide your audience with high-quality images. This is when the SVG file type can come to help you with the resolution and customization of your images. Discover more about SVGs and improve your projects with SVG freebie without complications.

What Is SVG

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is a vector image format. SVG image is created with the help of XML coding language. The code includes the data about the shape, color, and text within your image.

If you want to understand better what is an SVG file, there is a point in comparing it to PNG or JPEG. The latter are created using bitmap technology, which means they consist of tiny squares of a certain color which appear like pixels on the screen. When you zoom such images the quality decreases. Contrastly, the SVG file type is made of dots and connections between them, so that when the size or perspective changes, the dots and connections move in a way to provide a similar image to the user.

The Benefits of SVG

An SVG file usually brings more freedom both to experts and amateurs. If you know how to operate the file, you’re going to relish the following benefits:

  • scalability – being a vector-type SVG file doesn’t decrease in quality when you make it bigger.
  • customization – even having primitive knowledge and skills, you can simply adjust SVG ocean designs to your needs, including altering colors, and shapes, adding text, visual effects, gradients, etc.
  • compatibility – SVG images are compatible with scripting in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, making the file more applicable and adaptable for different users and needs.
  • accessibility – SVG file type is SEO friendly. It allows you to change text easily leaving the image intact. Plus, the search engines will recognize the text on your image, allowing you to boost your SEO metrics easily.
  • manageable file sizes – compared to bitmap images SVG files have much smaller sizes, providing they are not over-detailed. The benefit is crucial for website owners when a smaller image size means speedy performance.

When you use SVG Cricut files free at the right time and place, SVGs’ benefits can provide smooth and good-looking operation of your project.

When SVG Is Used

An SVG file type is not a one-fit-all solution, but when it is used the file type brings numerous advances to the designer and their audience. Here are the common situations when SVGs are worth exploiting:

  1. Icons – SVG scalability and simplicity are perfect for adjusting to different screens and sizes.
  2. Logos – SVG files meet the need for a logo to be simple, bright, and adjustable for different company services and products.
  3. Illustrations – this file format is suitable for non-photo illustrations for websites with its scalability potential and small file sizes.
  4. Animations – simple and small in size animations can be used for advanced and attractive website design.
  5. Infographics – SVG is applied to data visualization with its scalability, animations, and text indexability.

The applications of SVG files are numerous. As long as you can spot benefits and efficiency for you to use what is an SVG file, there is a point in reaching SvgOcean and similar platforms for free vector images. Find a suitable SVG image and empower your design with no limits.