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Why So Many People Move To New Zealand

It’s a big old world out there, with plenty of places that are awesome to both visit and live. Some spots seem to come up time and time again on the list of best places to live. New Zealand is one such place. Its location — on the edge of the world, essentially — would make most people think twice about moving so far away from everywhere else, yet thousands move to New Zealand each year.

Wondering why? Check out our list of New Zealand’s best qualities. Who knows, by the end of the article, you might just be looking into moving there yourself.

The Nature

If you love nature, then you’ll love New Zealand. This is a popular shooting destination for movies that require dramatic landscapes simply because the country has so much stunning beauty within its borders. If you like imposing mountains, you’ll find them. If you like lovely beaches, you’ll find them. If you like lakes and glaciers and waterfalls, guess what? You’ll find them.

The Lifestyle

Some people like the fast-paced chaos of the rat race that you’ll find in many countries. But if we were honest, most people aren’t fans of that kind of lifestyle. It’s pretty stressful to grind all day, after all. In New Zealand, they have a more casual relationship with work. They’ll grind when needed, sure, but they’ll also ensure that there’s plenty of time for fun and relaxation too. It has been said that New Zealand has one of the best work-life balances in the world, and once you’re there, it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. It’s a country that certainly knows how to enjoy life.

The Modern Qualities

With all its rolling hills and stunning mountains, people often view New Zealand as a quaint, lost-in-time country. But that’s not the case: the opposite is true. New Zealand is a hyper-modern country that boasts plenty of conveniences. Despite being at the end of the world, internet speeds are pretty excellent, allowing residents to stream Netflix or play live dealer games NZ at an online casino without any buffering issues. Plus, if you’re looking for a place at the forefront of delicious food and coffee, this is it; in some corners of the country, it would be difficult to find a bad restaurant or cafe.

Friendly People

No amount of amenities or beautiful nature can make up for rude people. Happily, that’s not something that New Zealand offers. The people there are great. The population isn’t so big, so even in the large cities, there remains something of a small-town atmosphere. That’s great for making friends, which is what everyone wants to do when they land in a new country. Everyone seems to be friendly!

Career Opportunities

People do go to New Zealand to retire, but if you’re still of working age, then fear not because there’s no shortage of career opportunities in New Zealand. There’s a big demand for people who work in education, healthcare, the trades, finance, and technology. Plus, the economy is pretty robust anyway, so even if you don’t fall into those industries, you’ll find something that floats your boat. Kayak tour guide, anyone?

Awesome Cities and Towns

In some countries, all towns feel the same. In New Zealand, they all feel broadly similar but with very much their own character and personality. Take a tour through New Zealand, and you’ll see plenty of colourful towns that make you want to stay forever. The large cities, small cities, and all sizes of towns have a charm to them that nowhere else offers. Take a trip and find out for yourself!