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Who did Andrew Rannells play in Hairspray?

Who did Andrew Rannells play in Hairspray?

Link Larkin
2002–2012: Broadway debut and The Book of Mormon In 2002, Rannells made his Broadway debut when he assumed the role of Link Larkin in the Broadway production of Hairspray.

What age is Andrew Rannells?

43 years (August 23, 1978)
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What is Andrew Rannells?

Andrew Rannells has been seen on Broadway in Falsettos (Tony nomination), Hamilton, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Book of Mormon (Tony nomination, Grammy Award), Jersey Boys and Hairspray. Film credits include A Simple Favor, Why Him?, The Intern and Bachelorette.

Who played Darren in how I met your mother?

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Cast — Andrew Rannells as Darren | TVLine.

Why did rannells leave Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon standby Nic Rouleau will assume the leading role of Elder Price in the Tony-winning musical. Original, Tony-nominated star Andrew Rannells left the production following the performance on June 10 to star in the new NBC sitcom The New Normal.

How old is Tuc Watkins?

55 years (September 2, 1966)
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What nationality is Andrew Rannells?

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Why did Ted punch Darren?

Darren tells her the best man—Ted—punched him hard in the face for “no reason”, when in reality he knocked the Glen McKenna bottle out of Ted’s hand (the third time the bottle has been dropped, while Ted was sharing it with his friends to celebrate Marshall’s arrival).

Who voices Andrew rannell?

Andrew Rannells is a voice actor known for voicing Mako Tsunami, Harley, and Morty (Johto Gym Leader).

Is the Book of Mormon funny?

THE BOOK OF MORMON is hilarious, smart and filled with so many great musical numbers. With nine Tony Awards to its name, it’s a highpoint in musical theatre history and should be seen by any who think they can handle its brand of humor.