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Where did the Michigan Dogman incident take place?

Where did the Michigan Dogman incident take place?

In the year 2006, a famous Dogman incident occurred in Troy, Michigan. A man was driving down the road when he saw an intimidating figure of a dog appearing before his car. As he tried to miss the creature, he ended up off the road, flipping the vehicle over on its side.

What’s the legend of the Dogman in Michigan?

There is a local legend attached to the creature, too. It suggests that the Dogman appears in 10-year cycles. Firstly, the sightings of the cryptid were reported all throughout Michigan, however, it soon spread to Wisconsin. In the year 2006, a famous Dogman incident occurred in Troy, Michigan.

How old was Courtney when she saw the Michigan Dogman?

In 1993, the 13-year-old Courtney was terrified by the monster in Reed City, Michigan. As she sneaked out, one winter evening, behind her house, she saw a six-foot-tall thing (with the head of a dog) hiding in the barn. The creature was staring back at her.

When did Ray Greenway see the Michigan Dogman?

In 1986, a man called Ray Greenway was driving home from the Manistee Army recruiting station in Michigan. It was late at night, when, he suddenly saw an unidentifiable creature running towards him, making n incredible leap, clear across the two-lane road.

Where did the song Michigan Dogman come from?

Although the song cites a 1887 incident in Wexford County, Mich. involving a run-in between lumberjacks and a dog-like creature, some of its references come from outside the state — and some were borrowed from run-ins with other strange creatures like bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the chupacabra.

What did the Michigan Dogman do for a living?

The dogman troubadour — who admits he played a role in perpetrating the Gable film hoax — said he tries to take an entertainment perspective on the sightings. He said the popularity of his song has allowed him to raise more than $60,000 for various animal charities.

Who is the author of the Michigan Dogman?

Since that time, Godfrey has written several books on the creatures and is now considered an authority on the topic in the cryptozoological community.