Which tubeless TYRE is best for Maruti Wagon R?

Which tubeless TYRE is best for Maruti Wagon R?

Tyre for Wagon R with Rim Size 145/80 R13

Tyre Brand Tyre Model Tyre Type
Michelin Energy XM2 Tubeless
Bridgestone B290 Tubeless
Apollo Amazer 3G Tubeless
Goodyear Ducaro Hi-Miler Tubeless

What is the TYRE size of Wagon R 2009 model?

Maruti Wagon R 2009 1.0i

Tire Rim
155/65R13 73S 4Jx13 ET45 OE

What is the TYRE pressure for Wagon R 2020?

The standard tyre pressure for Maruti Suzuki WagonR is between 32 and 33 PSI.

Which TYRE size is best for Wagon R?

5 Recommended Tyres For Wagon R

Variant Tyre Size Wheel Type
Maruti WagonR LXI 155/80 R13 Steel
Maruti WagonR VXI 165/70 R14 Steel
Maruti WagonR VXI 1.2 165/70 R14 Steel
Maruti WagonR ZXI 1.2 165/70 R14 Alloy

When should I replace my Wagon R tyre?

Typically, a car tyre has a life of 50,000 to 60,000 kms. GoMechanic recommends changing tyres 50000 kms.

How do I know my tyre size?

The size of a tyre is printed onto the side of the tyre – on the area known as the sidewall. When looking for the size, you will see that it is made up of a series of numbers and letters. 55 – Height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width.

Which tyre is best for Omni?

Best Tyre for Maruti Omni

  • Amazer XL. tubeless.
  • Ultima NXT.
  • ZVT.
  • DUCARO HI-MILER. tubeless.
  • Ultima XPC. tubeless.
  • ZCC.
  • BLAIZER. Warranty : 4 Years.
  • Milaze X3.

Is 35 PSI good for tires?

Most passenger cars will recommend 32 to 35 psi in the tires when they’re cold. The reason you check them cold is that as tires roll along the road, friction between them and the road generates heat, increasing tire pressure.

Can tubeless Tyres burst?

You won’t need to worry much about tyre burst However, such unexpected situations could be rarely seen on tubeless tyres because the air would slowly escape through punctures as stated before, which create much lower pressure than the rapid air leak. Tyre burst rarely happens, but when it does, it may explode.

How many km do tyres last?

Generally speaking, tyres nowadays last for about 40,000km. That’s a significant leap over the 32,000km they lasted for in the 1970s. However, it’s hard to estimate exactly how long your own tyres will last.

What is the price of Tyre for Maruti Wagon R?

The price of tyres avilable for your Maruti Wagon R ranges from ₹ 2,286.00 to ₹ 4,541.00. We will deliver your Maruti Wagon R tyres to your doorstep or make it avilable at a tyre dealer near you. You will also have the option to include other services like Weel Allignment and Wheel Balancing.

Which is the tyre size for 2019 Wagon R?

The 2019 model’s tyre size s are available in rim dimensions 13” and 14”, which are the same dimensions as the earlier models. However, the new Wagon R tyres have a greater width for better stability.

Which is the best tyre for a WagonR?

The tyre has got stabilizer groove technology that improves its high-speed stability. Additionally, the high strength allows steel belts to increases durability. For this rim size, Bridgestone B920 and Michelin Energy XM2 are recommended. Along with them, three other tyres, Apollo Amazer 4G Life, Goodyear GT3, and Ceat Milaze are also recommended.

Which is the best tyre for Indian roads?

Goodyear GT3 is a top-class performer for Indian roads. The tyre is fuel-efficient and is apt for the rough Indian roads. It may make noise when you’re driving at a high-speed, but it can surely be overlooked besides all the other amazing features, such as its performance, stability, durability, and pocket-friendliness.