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What is the Cien brand?

What is the Cien brand?

the Lidl group
Brand of the Lidl group, offering cosmetics for the whole family at low prices.

Is Cien Lidl or Aldi?

Aldi’s Lacura range, cult brand The Ordinary and of course budget supermarket Lidl. The high-street retailer’s classic Cien line offers a range of skincare essentials that are suitable for different needs, including a day cream, a night cream and two different types of facial wipes that come in at only 39p each.

Is Cien a French brand?

With the holiday season fast approaching, Lidl is launching a temporary web shop in France, which is entirely dedicated to its own cosmetics brand Cien.

Are CIEN products vegan?

Hi Bridie, we can confirm that none of our own brand products (such as Cien and W5) or any of their ingredients are tested on animals.

How do you use CIEN?

Application: apply Cien Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Mask evenly to the cleansed skin on the face, avoid the eyes and mouth areas, leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a soft towel. If necessary, apply 1-2 times a week.

Is Lidl skincare cruelty free?

With many people making the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics, Lidl is making the tradition easier with the launch of its affordable vegan skincare and shower range.

Does CIEN have SPF?

Regenerative Day Cream of Cien with calcium, collagen, Q10 and soybean oil is perfect for mature skin. Rich facial care and intensive moisture for a radiant appearance. The combination of calcium and collagen gives your skin firmness and tones it. UVA and UVB filters (SPF 15) protect against premature skin aging.

What is the best supermarket face cream?

The Best Supermarket Skin Care Products

  • NIVEA Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30+
  • L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Night.
  • Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch.
  • Essano Vitamin C Brightening SPF 15 Moisturiser.
  • Glow Lab Rosehip Oil +Plus.
  • Olay Retinol 24 Night Serum Fragrance Free.

What does CIEN mean in French?

Usage notes. The indeclinable form cien means “one hundred” only. To say “one hundred one”, the combining form cientu is used, as cientu un. Likewise, “one hundred thirty” is cientu trenta, and “one hundred fifty-four” is cientu cincuenta y cuatro.

Is Cien good for skin?

When used regularly, it should also prevent new wrinkles from forming. It includes UVA/UVB filters and vitamin E, which moisturise and protect the skin to leave it softer and smoother.

Is Lidl brand Cien cruelty free?

Lidl’s new vegan friendly Cien beauty products include Cien Skin Foodies Hand Cream (€1.99) for different skin types, such as dry or sensitive skin. The Irish-made self-tan is vegan certified, cruelty free and is priced at €3.99.

Are Lidl toiletries vegan?

Discount supermarket Lidl has launched an affordable range of vegan skincare and shower products across the UK. The range consists of four products — shower gel, face cream, hand cream, and body lotion. Unlike many other vegan skincare products, Lidl’s range is budget-friendly, with all products retailing for £1.99.

Is the Lidl Cien cell regenerating day cream Good?

I decided to trial Lidl’s £3.49 Cien Cell Regenerating Day Cream. I have heard quite a lot of good things about the serum, but I don’t tend to get on that well with serums and prefer a cream-like texture so that’s why I opted for this one.

What do we get at Lidl for dental care?

Whatever your dental care needs, we’ve got a variety of toothpaste, brushes and floss to suit your own daily routine. Little ones, too, will love the colourful brushes and their very own fruity toothpaste. Our range of vitamins and minerals will provide the support you need to look after your well-being and your wallet.

How long does Lidl’s Boss Orange Perfume last?

It took Lidl two years to develop this perfume so even though this is at a budget price, the groundwork has been put in to ensure this is still a nice, wearable fragrance. It lasts on your skin for up to six hours and the word on the street is that this is a dupe for Boss Orange.