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What is Revell Aqua Color?

What is Revell Aqua Color?

Revell Aqua Colour Paint. Aqua Colour Acrylic paints are water based. It can be applied with a paintbrush or airbrush. Once dry, this Aqua Colour Paint dries to a smooth finish, even when applied with a paintbrush, with no brush marks.

What color is aqua?

Aqua is a spectral color between blue and green that is named for the color of water. In an RGB color model, aqua is often represented as the strongest intensity of green and blue with no red….24 Types of Aqua Color.

Overview: Aqua
Type Blue
Similar Colors Cyan Turquoise
Complementary Color Red
Associations Water

What is Revell email Color?

Revell Email Color is a synthetic resin enamel paint specially formulated for use on plastic model kits. Supplied in convenient 14ml tinlets, it can be brush painted and thinned to apply via a spray gun/airbrush.

Are Revell paints acrylic?

The Aqua-Color colours from Revell are high-quality acrylic colours with numerous advantages. Each colour is filled in a practical 18 millimetre container and is easy to use. One of the greatest advantages of the paints is that they can be diluted with water.

Can you thin Revell Aqua with water?

Thinner and drying retarder in one!!!! Basically, Revell Aqua Color paints can be diluted with water to make them sprayable. If the spray gun spits or the paint dries too quickly on the model (rough surface), simply dilute a little more.

What color goes best with aqua?

Colors that go with aqua are pale gold, wheat, white and cream. Shades of red and orange have the most impact.

Is aqua more green or blue?

Aqua is a contrast of cyan color. It is basically more on the bluer side than green whereas Turquoise is a greenish-blue color, i.e it looks more like green than blue. #00FFFF is the hex code for the aqua color.

Does Revell Aqua need primer?

After working on a model by filling and sanding it is recommended to apply a primer before the actual paint application. This primer is mixed ready for spraying and suitable for application with an airbrush gun. After priming, you should use the shades from the Revell Aqua Color palette.

Do you paint model before assembling?

There are basically three choices when it comes to deciding when to paint a model kit. First, assemble the entire kit, then prime and paint. Second, prime and paint everything individually, then assemble. Third, assemble some parts, leave some parts unassembled, then prime and paint everything before final assembly.

What paint do you need with Revell models?

enamel paints
For painting your model, we recommend enamel paints such as Revell Email Color and acrylic paints such as Revell Aqua Color. Important: Do not mix these colour types together! Beginners are recommended to use the fast-drying, water-soluble and non-hazardous Aqua Colors.

How many colors are in Revell aqua paint?

Full revell aqua color chart all 88 colours of the proven enamel paint range are available as water dilutable paint with great coverage. Each bottle of the Tamiya Acrylic Paint Series contains 23ml of paint. Each bottle of the tamiya acrylic paint series contains 23ml of paint.

Can you put aqua paint on top of email paint?

When adhering to the drying times, Aqua Color paints and Email Color paints can be applied on top of each other, however, not mixed with each other. The Aqua range is denoted 36xxx. Only the last 3 digits are shown below.

How long does it take for aqua paint to dry?

The paint ist fully dry after a further 2 to 3 hours. Exceptional results on smooth paint surfaces can be accomplished when using a paint brush. When adhering to the drying times, Aqua Color paints and Email Color paints can be applied on top of each other, however, not mixed with each other. The Aqua range is denoted 36xxx.