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Why do I get replies to mass texts?

Why do I get replies to mass texts?

Other times, that’s not the case. The way group messaging works most of the time is pretty straightforward: the SMS is converted to MMS, then sent to everyone on the distribution list. When someone replies, that reply goes to everyone in the group. It’s like turning off “Reply All” in email, but for text messages.

What should I do if I replied to a spam text?

If you get an unwanted text message, there are three ways to report it: Report it on the messaging app you use. Look for the option to report junk or spam. Copy the message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM).

What happens when you reply stop to a text?

Replying “unsubscribe” or “stop” will put you ON their priority list to send you MORE text messages – from perhaps seemingly different numbers. That is the first reason why it is not a good idea to reply. Then the message is just a legitimate, yet completely unsolicited, junk message.

Can replying to a text be dangerous?

Do not respond to suspicious or unsolicited text messages, advises the FTC, warning that at least two bad things might happen if you do: Responding to the text message can allow malware to be installed that will silently collect personal information from your phone.

Why won’t my group texts go through?

Android. Go to the main screen of your messaging app and tap the menu icon or menu key (on the bottom of the phone); then tap Settings. If Group Messaging isn’t in this first menu it may be in the SMS or MMS menus. Under Group Messaging, enable MMS.

How do you send a no reply text?

The best way to send a no-reply text message is with text message broadcasting, or mass text. You can send a text message broadcast to hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds-of-thousands of customers.

Are spam texts dangerous?

Spam texts are often harmless but sometimes can be used in phishing scams to gain information by appearing legitimate.

Can I get hacked by replying to a text?

Technically the answer is, yes, your phone can be hacked if someone sent you a text message. However, just receiving a text message will not harm your phone. Even if you open that text message, it does not affect your mobile phone.

Can you be hacked by answering a text?

That means a malware-laden file can start infecting the phone as soon as it’s received, according Zimperium, a cybersecurity company that specializes in mobile devices. If this sounds familiar, that’s because this Android flaw is somewhat like the recent Apple text hack.

Why am I not receiving group texts on my iPhone?

If one or more of your contacts are not receiving group messages on their iPhone, then you should first check if you have activated group messages on your device. Go to Settings and select Messages. Find the SMS/MMS section and tap on Group Messaging to activate. Tap again to switch off and on Group Messaging.

What’s the rule of response in a text message?

The Rule of Response: Always respond, unless you don’t want to be friends with that person anymore. Yes, we are all busy people, and I know it’s sometimes hard to respond when you know it will probably end up as a full on text conversation, but you should always respond. That is, of course, if you want to stay friends with the person.

What’s the best way to respond to a text?

You know as soon as you read a text, you are going to want to respond to it… so the best thing to do in this case is to ignore the message for as long as you can manage. Flipping your phone over or handing it to the closest person to you will help you resist the urge to open the message too soon.

What’s the rule of disproportionate letters in text messages?

The Rule of Disproportionate Letters: This one applies to messages received from a woman: never [&respond&] to a three page [&text&] with “[&k&].” At least give her a full “ok.”. If you’re a guy and you get a three page [&text&] from another guy, it’s completely acceptable to delete them from both Facebook and your life.

Do you respond to mass test text messages?

Criminals sending mass test messages learn from such responses that they have reached a real phone and are likely to send you phishing emails, spam, and other undesired communications. 2. Do not send private information via text messages. 3. Never reply to a message asking you to provide personal information.