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How to do a Casino Tour of Australia in Style

There is no question that the Australians love a great time. If you’ve ever met any on their globe-trotting travels, then you’ll know just how much they enjoy other peoples company and having a great laugh. You may not know that Australians also have the highest per capita spend on gambling than any other developed country. So, if you’re planning on going down under for an extended break, and you want to combine it with casino visits, but bear in mind that they have some of the most amazing casinos you’ll ever see. Every city has them, and they’re stuffed with pokies (slots to you and me) and great poker tables.

Another great attraction for gambling in Australia is that it is the casino that pays the gambling tax and not the gambler as is more common elsewhere.

But where to go first? How do you plan a tour of the cities of Australia through a great online travel agent without including a visit to the best and most stylish casinos? Well, we thought it would be great to put a possible tour together for you, to make it a little easier.

Crown Perth

Having a plan which involved crisscrossing the country at every opportunity, didn’t seem sensible, so we’ve planned a route which follows the coast in an anti-clockwise direction (the same way as the roulette wheel!), starting in Perth. Crown Perth is the leading casino in Western Australia and, as well as being open for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it has over 2,400 slots and a host of table games including Texas Hold’Em. If the casino isn’t enough, there is a convention centre, a theatre, two ballrooms and 32 restaurants and bars, a nightclub – and three huge hotels. You won’t be short of things to do at the Crown Perth!

Adelaide Casino

Moving eastwards along the south coast of Australia takes you to Adelaide. Being the tenth largest employer in South Australia with over 1,100 employees shows that the venue is taken seriously, With over 90 gaming table and nearly a thousand slots, there is plenty of games to play.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for things to do while you’re travelling between cities, then you can always hone your poker skills online with someone like Not only do they offer a top online poker tournament which you can play on the move, but they also have great tips for improving your game. In fact, if you’ve not played before and this is your first trip to a casino, then it would be well-worth reading up on the basics of the game and what the hands mean. There is no point losing money at the table for the sake of it. The good players always recognise a newbie!

Crown Casino Melbourne

Being the second-most populous city in Australia (after Sydney) and boasting the friendliest Aussies you’ll ever meet, Melbourne is the city to visit. To make things even better, Melbourne happens to have the most visited tourist attraction in the country. With 10.9 million visitors a year, the Crown Casino is the largest and most successful gambling complex in the country – and close to being one of the biggest venues in the world.

With a host of card table including a variety of pokers games, the Crown Poker Room is a major venue for poker tournaments in the Asia Pacific region – including the Aussie Millions (the richest event in the Southern Hemisphere!).

If shopping is also your passion, then you’ll be drawn to a luxury online brand store, amongst others that occupy the casino entrance (the Atrium). Not only Harrods but Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and many many more. You won’t forget Melbourne in a hurry.

The Star Sydney

It might be the biggest and most populated city in Australia, but Sydney only has the second largest casino in the country (after the Crown Casino, Melbourne). Sydney is also one of the most fun cities in the world with Olympic Games hosting in the millennium year (2000) and the boast of being in the top fifteen most visited cities in the world. The casino isn’t bad either!

The Star is the only legally licensed casino in New South Wales which gives it a monopoly of fun in the city. With two gaming floors and nearly 1500 slots, the stakes are high. In the Sovereign Room table, bets range from $25 to $75,000 (AUD) while in the Inner Sanctum area the bet ranges are $100 to $500,000. Most traditional table games are played including Blackjack, Stud, Craps, Poker, Pontoon and Roulette.

Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane

While there are plenty more casinos that we could have ended the mini-tour with, the Treasury in Brisbane is a great place to end your trip in proper style. A 5-star heritage hotel, six restaurants and over 1300 poker machines and 80 table, make it a very popular destination.

The early nineteenth-century building with its ornate exterior and six-storey atrium inside mean that you will certainly be gambling at the variety of table games across 80 tables in style. The Treasury is a fitting way to end your stay in Australia.

So we have completed our half circumnavigation of Australia in this tour. It may only be half, but we think we have included the best casino destination that Australia has to offer. In addition to fill the time your spending travelling to your favourite must see places, we’ve included a great online movie site to keep you entertained. 

Can down under compete with Las Vegas and the European casinos? Of course, it can! Las Vegas is all in one city and is a long way from the beach. The European gambling centres are too steeped in history to make them fun any more. Australia has great casinos and great people who love to gamble.