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8 Tips for Creating Amazing Social Media Videos

Have you been raring to go viral with catchy social media videos? A huge percentage of marketers agree that social media videos excel at supercharging online presence. Since there are more than 4.66 billion internet users across the globe, it is clear why social media videos are surging in demand. Unlike other traditional forms of content, videos can instill life into your social media campaign. 

Video content is nothing less than a boon for social media marketers when it comes to boosting brand awareness, sparking interest in a new product, or increasing traffic. Given their potential to convey emotions, social media videos serve the purpose of a versatile marketing tool using which you can persuade your audience effectively. When circulated properly on major distribution channels, social media content can drive excellent business results.

Thanks to technology advancements, creating engaging videos for social sites is not a time-consuming task anymore. You can rely on a powerful online video maker to create video content for social media sites within minutes. 

Here are 8 proven tips that will help you master the art of making amazing social media videos.

1. Leverage the best online video maker

When it comes to making classy video content, you should start off your journey by choosing an advanced web-based online video maker. Online video makers feature a splendid range of social media video templates that can pep up your video-making endeavors. You can tap into the online media library for stock footage and images when you create video for social media networks. 

2. Avoid making ultra lengthy videos

Research has shown that human concentration span has declined over time. It is pretty unlikely that people will watch your videos if their duration extends beyond 10 to 15 minutes. Always keep your video length under 3 minutes and get the message across without taking too much time. Also, you must hook your audience in the very beginning to keep viewer retention rates intact. Make the first few seconds of your video super engaging to impel viewers to watch till the end.

3. Make your videos emotionally appealing

Videos that have the power to evoke emotions can turn you into a star on renowned social media platforms. Focus on creating top-notch video content that is packed with wit and relevance. Don’t forget to empower your videos with engaging storytelling to build a strong bond with your fans online. Your videos should deliver the intended message alongside appealing to the emotional senses of viewers.

Ensure you end your videos with a compelling call-to-action (CTA) to encourage your audience to act. Avoid using salesy language in your CTA, as doing so might turn off your customers.

4. Include royalty-free music in your videos

There is no better way to spice up your videos than by adding some engaging music. However, you should use only royalty-free soundtracks in your social media videos to avoid uncalled copyright strikes. If you want to use copyrighted music in your videos, make it a point to obtain the sync and master license from the rightful owner.

5. Use an external microphone for narrations

If you are planning to add narrations to your videos, you must deploy an external microphone to ensure utmost clarity. Although your laptop’s inbuilt microphone will do the job, the recording may not turn out to be clear and crisp. The major issue with inbuilt microphones is that they capture noises from the external environment because of a lack of noise cancellation abilities. You definitely don’t want your recordings to be filled with noises of barking dogs and honking cars.

That is why you must get your hands on a decent external microphone to produce a top-quality sound free of noises.

6. Add captions for easy understanding 

People often find it tough to comprehend what’s being said in a video due to clarity issues, accent differences, etc. Since your videos will reach people in different parts of the world, non-native speakers may have a hard time understanding your language. If you have fans who suffer from hearing impairments, they may also face similar difficulties.

If your video involves any kind of talking, see to it that you include accompanying captions to pave the way for easy understanding. Adding captions will also improve engagement among viewers who prefer watching videos without sound. 

7. Optimize your videos for different platforms

Proper optimization of social media videos is key to expanding the reach of your content. Social media platforms have varying guidelines in regard to video content. Research different social media networks individually to find the right video length and dimensions for each channel. Optimizing your videos for different channels will help you garner a better response from audiences.

8. Consistently measure the performance of your videos

Apart from optimizing your social media videos, you should keep a constant check on the performance of your content. Consider tracking important metrics like total post reach, number of shares, comments, likes, etc. Many social sites have their inbuilt analytics tools that can provide you with insights about the performance of your social media videos.

Regular tracking of performance will enable you to identify inefficiencies in your social media marketing approach. You can leverage the insights gathered over time to tweak your social media videos to improve engagement levels in your audience.


We all know that social media videos have risen in popularity lately. Not only do social media videos boost your online presence, but they also engage fans quite well. But since the internet is already flooded with millions of social media clips, creators must become extra creative to popularize their content amidst the masses. A well-implemented video marketing plan will work like a magic for getting you the much-needed recognition on social media. 

In contrast to popular belief, you don’t need to invest in any expensive software or equipment to make scroll-stopping video content. Thankfully, the easy availability of online editors has simplified video making like never before. Therefore, make sure you closely adhere to all the smart tips given above to create super engaging videos that will spruce up your social media strategy in a flash.