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How To Bet On IPL Cricket Online

If you are looking for the next best way to enjoy the game of cricket in India, you have come to the right place. IPL cricket is known for its rush, thrill, and quality of play. Imagine adding to that. What could be better than watching a bowler strike a wicket?

Betting on the probability that the bowler will strike a wicket! Betting on IPL Cricket has gained popularity over the years. But we are ignorant that not every person has the experience to place a bet or knows the rules of the game perfectly. 

To help you on your way, we have compiled this article. It seeks to explain betting odds and some strategies that you can use as betting tips on  IPL

Betting Odds

This is the premise of betting in IPL, and almost every other game in the world. The bookmaker or betting company will have set the profitability of a certain event occurring or not. If you place a bet of 20 rupees that a team will win (and that team had a 1.7 chance) of winning, then you take home 34 rupees. 

Betting in IPL Explained

You can place a bet on various elements of an IPL cricket game. The most common element is the winner of the match. In any game or contest, there must always be a winner or a loser. Of course, there is always the possibility of a draw. But the odds of that occurring in cricket is low. 

Most runs or wickets 

It is through a run or a wicket that a team gains an advantage over another. You can bet on which player will get the most runs or take the most wickets from the opponent. 

Opening partnership 

Batsmen usually get their chance to bat in pairs. If you look at records, you will identify there are certain pairs of bats that complement each other best and get the most runs. Place your money there. 


Do you know of a batter or a team known for hitting boundaries, again and again? That’s the team to bet for.

The man of the match 

This often tends to be the best player on the team. But don’t think it’s such an easy bet. You might be surprised by the rookie player taking the opportunity and rising to the occasion. 



Strategies and Tactics

First and foremost, never underestimate the power of research. Researching on the type of ground or the weather in a certain area may give you the upper hand in placing the ideal bet. 

For example, let’s say that a team is playing on a flat pitch that is free of any wind. The batters are going to have a field day. Despite the bowler’s change of pace pitches, the batters can approximate the flight path of the ball and make many runs. 

Who would you bet for in such a scenario? The tip that is up first to bat. They will run the opponents ruggedly during the first half of play and probably win the game. Such strategies can only be arrived at through proper due diligence. 

Other strategies and tactics that have worked and can work for you in your future IPL bets include: 

  • The weather plays a big part in the type and pace of the game. Windy weather is unpredictable and the game could go either way. Sun and dry days make it easier to predict. 
  • Condition of the ground. A dry (but not cracked) ground is ideal for the batters. A lawn (grass) pitch is harder for the batters. To make a killing, you would bet on the team bowling first. 
  • Only place a bet once the toss has been made. You will then know which team is batting up first. 
  • Research into the form of the players and the teams. Given that all other factors are kept constant, the odds are stacked in the favor of the team that is in better form. You will have to watch games and highlights to know the team in form. 


Betting Tipsters

Trust be said, you will find thousands of pages updated almost on a daily basis on the best odds in the game. Tipsters and betting professionals would offer tips on who to bet on, which player will get the most wickets, or which batter will get the most runs. 

Our advice for you: Consume this information with a pinch of salt. These tipsters are not professionals in the game. And even if they were, there is something they have not considered 100% in their calculation. Something called luck cannot be accounted for fully. 

In addition, some of these experts only seek to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. Watch the games for yourselves and make decisions that you would be satisfied with any day of the week. 


Without a doubt, there is no better place to enjoy the game of cricket in India. It’s embedded in the culture and society, making it part and parcel of the people. Take that experience to the next level with the leading betting company in the region, Parimatch. The gameplay and odds offered are one of a kind. You are bound to enjoy using the online gambling platform.