Can I get a reprint of a receipt?

Can I get a reprint of a receipt?

Most companies keep copies of receipts, but it is best to contact the store to see if a reprint is possible. If you have a lost receipt, your best plan of action probably is to contact the place that gave you the original copy and see whether the store can reprint the receipt for you.

How can I get a copy of an old receipt?

You can usually obtain a copies of receipts by contacting the store where you made your purchase or by using a computer scanner to make a copy yourself. It is relatively easy to make a copy of the original receipt by using a copy machine.

Do you need receipt for GameStop warranty?

We will refund the purchase price and applicable taxes and fees to the original form of payment or provide a replacement. GameStop reserves the right to limit, or decline returns or exchanges regardless of whether the customer has a receipt. All returns require a receipt or a order number.

How do I get a copy of a lost credit card receipt?

How to Get Copies of Credit Card Receipts

  1. Contact the Billing Dispute Department for the credit card you used to make the purchase.
  2. Request a copy of the sales draft.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction.
  4. Confirm the address where you want the copy of the sales draft to be mailed.

How do I get a receipt after purchase?

Go online to retrieve your bank or credit card statement. Notate the specific date of purchase, amount and retail/establishment name. Often times, this bank statement information is proof positive that a purchase was made and justifies the purchase for an exchange or a return.

How do I look up a receipt?

How to Find Past Receipts

  1. Go online to retrieve your bank or credit card statement.
  2. Check your online retail account, if the past receipt you are looking for was made online.

Can you return stuff to GameStop without a receipt?

GameStop Returns and exchanges for in-store purchases are subject to the following guidelines: A receipt is required for all returns and exchanges. Unopened new merchandise (except tablets) = full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Can you return things to GameStop without a receipt?

GameStop Return Policy. GameStop (GME) allows just 30 days for returns, and will make no returns without a receipt. GameStop’s return policy requires that all items be returned with original packaging and in “sellable condition,” and reserves the right to refuse returns of opened items.

What do I do if I lost my receipt?

Contact the merchant and request a copy of the itemized, detailed receipt. Most merchants will provide a copy of a receipt upon request. Missing receipts are not allowed for hotel, car, or airfare expenses.

How can I show proof of purchase?

Other types of proof of purchase include:

  1. credit or debit card statement.
  2. a lay-by agreement.
  3. a receipt or reference number given for phone or internet payments.
  4. a warranty card showing the supplier’s or manufacturer’s details and the date and amount of the purchase.