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How does a tenant fight an eviction in AZ?

How does a tenant fight an eviction in AZ?

If the tenant wishes to fight the eviction, the tenant must appear at the hearing. At the hearing, the judge will listen to both the landlord and the tenant and make a decision about whether the tenant will be evicted.

Where can I find information on eviction in AZ?

NOW: The Arizona Supreme Court and Maricopa County Justice Courts, with other partners, have developed a series of videos and information sheets to help you through the eviction process. The eviction portal is at in English, and at in Spanish.

How can a tenant appeal an eviction judgment?

A tenant may appeal a eviction action judgment to superior court. Within five days from the date of the judgment, the tenant must do the following. File a Notice of Appeal. File a Designation of Record.

How long can a continuance for eviction last in Arizona?

The continuance can only be 3 days in justice court or 5 days in superior court. If the tenant fails to appear for the hearing, it will not be continued, and the judge will rule in favor of the landlord.

Can a tenant appeal an eviction judgment in Arizona?

Once a landlord has been awarded a judgment, the only way a tenant can stay in the rental unit is by working out an agreement with the landlord or filing an appeal of the judgment and paying a supersedeas bond (see Bonds below). Any post-judgment agreements should be in writing and signed by the landlord. Keep a copy of any agreement.

What do I need to evict a tenant in Arizona?

Filing the Eviction Complaint. Obtain the proper forms. You can get eviction forms from the county court clerk’s office or online. You’re going to need an Eviction Action summons, complaint, Residential Eviction Information Sheet, and a copy of the notice you hand-delivered or mailed to the tenant.

Is there an eviction assistance program in Phoenix AZ?

TEAP will provide no-cost legal assistance to help with your eviction problems, including working cooperatively with local agencies administering COVID-19 related rental and utility assistance programs for the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County and the State of Arizona. Tenants Eviction Assistance Project (TEAP) Flyer English/Spanish

How much can a tenant claim in an eviction action?

These lawsuits are designed to resolve cases in which a tenant has breached a rental agreement. The total amount that may be claimed in an Eviction Action filed in a Justice Court is $10,000.00, not including interest, costs and awarded attorneys’ fees. Eviction Actions must be filed in the jurisdiction in which the rental property is located.