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Why do students keep cheating with their homework?

These days more and more students use essay writing services to save time and get an excellent result without efforts. These services are some kind of platform where you can hire a freelancer to do any kind of writing for payment. Can be this called cheating? Most educators will agree with that, but what exactly makes students use these websites? This issue is definitely needed to be carefully revised.

Depending on the latest researches, it appeared that:

        About 52% of students constantly require help with writing assignments;

        13% use paper writing services from time to time;

        And only 35% always do the written part by themselves.

Moreover, the number of students that purchase essays is rapidly growing both in the UK and the USA.

The reasons why students keep using these websites

  1. There are too numerous writing assignments

In general, most students are asked to do different types of writing assignments at least once a week. It is not surprising that some of them prefer to call on pro-papers paper writing services to save time for other tasks and leisure time. Students are not robots; they have a social life and do not want to lose it because of tons of home assignment. No wonder that under pressure they tend to use those services to get their work done.

  1. There are foreign students for whom English is not the first language

Writing is basically not a simple thing and writing in a foreign language is a way more difficult. At first, almost any foreign student does not speak English well, not to mention writing essays. Imagine that you have moved to another country to pursue higher education and in the first week of studying you were asked to write an essay in 1500 words. What would you do then? It is foreign students who are among groups that use paper writing services most frequently.

  1. Some students have a part-time job

Some of us started earning money from a young age and today’s students are not exceptions. After a tough day at work you hardly want to write poems or compositions, right? So these students are one of the reasons for existence essay writing services that can offer to do a writing task of any kind and on any topic.

  1. Not every student is talented at writing

Face the truth: not everyone on Earth is as well-rounded developed as desired. Some students have issues with writing and that is why they hire a professional to do their written papers. Some are insufficiently skilled, some are just unconfident about their skills, but the conclusion is the same: it is just easier for them to pay for a ready essay rather than do it by themselves.

  1. There are some undergraduates who don’t regard writing assignment as an important one

People who are going to work as a digital designer will not take such an assignment seriously. Liberal sciences are not related to their future job, so they do not see any sense to do this kind of tasks. And that is why they hire freelance writers.

As a result, less than one-half of school graduates are ready for college and university. And most of them have insufficient writing skills that are essential nearly for any kind of job nowadays. Perhaps the problem lies not in paper writing services and students, but in the current educational system?

Anyway, universities and colleges have already taken severe measures and now a student that is caught with a purchased paper is going to be expelled. This is an official punishment. What is more, some politicians and educators believe it’d be a good idea to make essay writing services illegal as in New Zeeland. They say breaking the law would prevent students from buying ready papers, which makes sense, but wouldn’t it be better to look beneath the surface?

The information mentioned above provides clear evidence of the idea that the current educational process should be revised and reformulated. Writing skills are definitely important for certain spheres such as linguistics or philosophy. The academicians, politicians apparently should write decently, but those whose work is not relevant to texts or oration barely should be judged so strictly and brought into the strict framework. Educators, for their part, should reconsider the demanded level and number of writing assignments that they give as homework. Additionally, students that have issues with writing work should be given extra help from tutors. If we get to the root of this problem, the cheating and purchasing essays are likely to disappear on their own.