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Why do dregs have 2 arms?

Why do dregs have 2 arms?

Because of their low rank, Dregs have two arms, whereas other higher ranks of Fallen have four. This is because they have had the other set cut off as part of a ritual of humiliation and obedience. Dregs seek to prove their worth through selfless aggression.

Why are Eliksni called Fallen?

There is evidence to suggest that the Eliksni were once a powerful and noble species before their current state. (This is possibly the reason why they are known as The Fallen.)

Are dregs and vandals the same?

Vandals are a six-limbed class of Fallen, having a higher ranking than Dregs, but lower than Captains. They bear heavier armor and more deadly weaponry than Dregs.

What planet is Fallen from?

Homeworld: Riis (formerly)
Focal world(s): Earth Venus Moon Reef Mars Titan Nessus Europa
Goals: Reclaim the Traveler Scavenge for sustenance Bring peace and unity to the Houses at any cost Restore their Golden Age
At war with: The City The Reef Hive Vex Cabal Taken Scorn

Do fallen arms grow back?

The Fallen are an agile race with four arms, Three fingers, and two legs, giving them the ability to scale walls with ease. The Fallen are also capable of growing back their arms, as Dregs are allowed to develop their other two arms upon being granted the honor of becoming a Vandal.

Why do dregs get their arms cut off?

Dregs have their arms removed as a sign of shame and disgrace, indicating that if they do not do well in battle, even a Captain can be downgraded to a mere Dreg. This process is called docking.

Did the fallen eat children?

In their mouths are two rows of sharp, knife-like teeth, indicating that the Fallen are carnivorous in nature. This is also implied from Saint-14 when he said he saw Dregs eating children. When killed with precision damage, the Fallen’s Ether will be released from their armor.

Why do Fallen need ether?

It is absorbed through breathing, and appears to run through Fallen bodies like blood. Beyond merely providing nourishment, Ether is hypothesized to be an “ethereal lifeblood” for the Fallen, but not a “soul” as is commonly assumed, though it can be used to restore the souls of other Fallen.

Why are dregs arms cut off?

How tall is a vandal?

Gender: Various
Rank: Crewman
Height: 7’10
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Can fallen be guardians?

The Fallen Guardian is a large guardian enemy that appears in Fallen and Hardcore modes.

Who is the leader of the fallen?

They were founded and are led by the slovenly Fallen mob-boss who named himself “Spider”. The Syndicate is notable for assisting Petra Venj and the Young Wolf in their campaign to fight the Scorn and hunt down Uldren Sov.