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Why certain websites are not opening?

Why certain websites are not opening?

If your website doesn’t open for you, but does open for others, it could be one of the following situations: Webhost server is blocking the IP address of your ISP. Your ISP is blocking the webhost server IP address. Your LAN/Firewall is blocking the webhost server IP address.

What to do if you Cannot access a website?

Why Can’t I Access This Web Site?

  1. Try another browser. If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, try Internet Explorer–or vice versa.
  2. Use the IP address. Every Web site has a unique IP address.
  3. Alter your host file.
  4. Check to see if you’ve blocked the site.
  5. Change your DNS server.

How do you do basic troubleshoot a website that is not loading?

General Website Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Make sure JavaScript is enabled.
  3. Make sure Cookies are enabled.
  4. Clear your cache and cookies.
  5. Make sure your web browser is up to date.
  6. Restart your web browser.
  7. Try a different web browser.

Why some websites are not opening in Chrome?

If the page didn’t load in another browser, it could be a problem with your network or the website itself. First, try restarting your modem and router. If this doesn’t work, contact the website owner and let them know you’ve been having problems loading the webpage. Some apps might stop Chrome from working properly.

Why is Google blocking my searches?

Why did this happen? Google checks the pages that it indexes for malicious scripts or downloads, content violations, policy violations, and many other quality and legal issues that can affect users. When Google detects content that should be blocked, it can take the following actions: Hide search results silently.

Why is my browser blocking a website?

An outdated or buggy browser extension can cause issues when trying to access a secure website. To troubleshoot this problem, start your browser in Safe mode and attempt to access the websites that are blocked. Safe mode usually disables any browser extensions, so if this is the problem, the secure sites should load.

What should I not look up on Google?

Nine things you should never search for on Google, according to…

  • Fournier. Orlando Magic NBA player Evan Fournier’s nickname is “Never Google” and there’s a reason.
  • Krokodil.
  • Your favourite food.
  • Mouth larva.
  • Google.
  • Calculus Bridge.
  • Your e-mail address.
  • Harlequin ichthyosis.

Why my Google is not working?

Restart your device and try your search again. If you’re able to connect to the Internet, update the Google app to the latest version. To check if you get results, try your search again. When you clear an app’s cache, you delete data stored in a temporary area of the device’s memory.

What to do if you cant access certain web sites?

For the web sites you can’t access, try another web browser. Also for those sites, open a command/dos window and type “ping ” to see if ping can get to the site in question. Finally, find a file called “hosts” on your computer and open it in notepad.

Why does Yahoo say certain sites are inaccessible?

If “certain sites” are all related – say all of the Yahoo sites are inaccessible for some reason, then it’s possible that there’s a transient problem at the remote end. Try again later. If “certain sites” means that when you go to one site, you land on some other site you didn’t want, then you probably have spyware on your machine.

Why are some websites down for a long time?

While the downtime of sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter is measured in seconds usually, other sites may be down for hours or even days at a time. But downtime is not the only reason why you may not be able to access a website.

How can I access a website that is down?

The search engine Startpage has a proxy feature which you may use to access sites through their servers. Just enter the URL of the site in question in the search form and click on the proxy link next to it to access the site using a proxy. This works if the site is down for you but not anyone else. Use a VPN.

Why do I get an error when I try to access a website?

It lists recommendations to access the site in question regardless of connectivity issues furthermore. You open a site in the browser’s address bar or click on a link, but instead of seeing the website rendered in the web browser of choice you get an error message, or it takes ages before a timeout is displayed to you.

What to do when your website is not opening?

Check the Hosts file in Windows if a particular website is not working. Go to My Computer > C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers\\etc locate Hosts file and open it with notepad if you find that particular website listed there then put # before the site name or delete the site from hosts file and save it.

Can you access a website or service on the Internet?

Now that you know that you can’t access a site or service on the Internet, you may want to do something about it. It may not always be possible, however, as connectivity issues are not always issues that you may fix on your end. Here is a list of suggestions:

How to know if a website is not accessible?

Ask someone else While you can use a service to find out if a site is not accessible on your end or globally, you may also ask a friend or contact to check it out. This may not work all the time, depending on the site in question, but it may help you find out more about the connection issue.