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Who won AGT in season 10?

Who won AGT in season 10?

Paul Zerdin
The tenth season was won by ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, with comedian Drew Lynch finishing in second, and mentalist Oz Pearlman placing third. During its broadcast, the season averaged around 10.28 million viewers….America’s Got Talent (season 10)

America’s Got Talent
Winner Paul Zerdin
Runner-ups Drew Lynch Oz Pearlman
No. of episodes 27

Who won AGG 2015?

Season 10: Paul Zerdin Paul Zerdin won Season 10 on September 16, 2015, a 42-year-old ventriloquist. The runner-up was stand-up comedian Drew Lynch.

Who are the 10 finalists on America’s Got Talent?

The finalists are aerialist Aidan Bryant; magician Dustin Tavella; comedians Gina Brillon and Josh Blue; Northwell Nurse Choir; singer Brooke Simpson and four Golden Buzzer winners: Singer Jimmie Herrod (Vergara); opera singer Victory Brinker (group pick); World Taekwondo Demonstration Team (Crews) and quick change …

Who beat Piff The Magic Dragon on AGT?

As anyone who has followed Piff’s career knows, he wound up in the finals of “AGT’s” Season 10 in 2015, losing out to ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.

Who won Season 11 AGT?

Grace VanderWaal
America’s Got Talent – Season 11/Winners

Who Won America’s Got Talent 2007?

Terry Fator
The second season was won by singing ventriloquist and impressionist Terry Fator, with singer and guitarist Cas Haley finishing in second place, and singing beatboxer Butterscotch placing third.

Who was second in AGT 2021?

Aerialist Aidan Bryant
He walked away with $1 million dollar prize and will headline a show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Aerialist Aidan Bryant came in second place, followed by comedian Josh Blue.

Are Piff and Jade married?

In June 2019, van der Put was named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch for 2019. Van der Put lives in Las Vegas and has a residency at The Flamingo….

Piff the Magic Dragon
Occupation Magician, comedian
Spouse(s) Jade Simone

Who is Americas Got Talent cast?

America’s Got Talent cast: season 11 characters Nick Cannon plays as Himself – Host Howie Mandel plays as Himself – Judge Sharon Osbourne plays as Herself – Judge Piers Morgan plays as Himself – Judge Howard Stern plays as Himself – Judge

Who are Americas Got Talent winners?

America’s Got Talent Winners List (Seasons 1 – 14) 1] America’s Got Talent (Season 1) Winner: Bianca Ryan 2] America’s Got Talent (Season 2) Winner: Terry Fator 3] America’s Got Talent (Season 3) Winner: Neal Evans Boyd 4] America’s Got Talent (Season 4) Winner: Kevin Skinner 5] America’s Got Talent (Season 5) Winner: Michael Grimm

Who is Americas Got Talent host?

America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2019 (Season 14) will premiere on May 28, 2019 with new host Terry Crews replacing Tyra Banks . Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel will return as judges but the reality competition will also feature two new judges.

Who are the American Got Talent judges?

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B are the judges on America’s Got Talent. Tyra Banks has been brought on as the show’s host, replacing Nick Cannon.