Who is the king of Rwenzururu?

Who is the king of Rwenzururu?

Charles Wesley Mumbere, known by his royal title Irema-Ngoma I, is the king (known locally as the Omusinga) of the African kingdom of Rwenzururu, a subnational kingdom within Uganda.

Where is the king of Rwenzururu?

Rwenzururu is a subnational kingdom in western Uganda, located in the Rwenzori Mountains on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Who was the founder of Rwenzururu Kingdom?

The Rwenzururu movement was an armed secessionist movement active in southwest Uganda, in the subnational kingdom of Tooro. The group was made up of Konjo and Amba fighters and was led by Isaya Mukirania.

What is the origin of the bakonzo?

Bakonzo, sing. Mukonzo), or Konzo, are a Bantu ethnic group located in the Rwenzori region of southwest Uganda. The Konzo were part of the armed Rwenzururu movement against the Toro Kingdom and central government that reached heights in the mid-1960s and early 1980s.

Which tribes are in Kasese?

The main languages and ethnic groups that dominate the area are Rutooro and Rukonjo, the languages of the Batooro and the Bakonjo people respectively. However, there are other ethnic groups in the district who include the Banyankole, the Basongora the Bakiga and the Baganda.

What title is given to the king of Rwenzururu Kingdom?

The Omusinga of Rwenzururu is the royal title given to the monarchs of the Kingdom of Rwenzururu.

Who are the Bakonjo of Uganda?

Bakonjo are commonly shortened to Konzo. In Uganda the Bakonzo are an important ethnic group of about 30’000 people, and in Congo they number more and are known as Banande. They all belong to the Bayira, a Bantu speaking group.

How are the bagisu similar to the Bakonjo?

You are not a man among the Bakonzo if you are not circumcised. The Bakonzo like the Bagisu, have circumcision as one of their most entrenched cultural practices. But unlike the Bagisu who hold an annual circumcision ceremony (Imbalu), the Bakozo’s circumcision is done without pomp and celebration.

Which part of Uganda is Kasese?

Western Region
Kasese is a town north of Lake George in the Western Region of Uganda. It originally grew around the copper mine at Kilembe, while attention later turned to cobalt mining. It is the chief town of Kasese District, and the district headquarters are located there. Kasese is also the largest town in the Rwenzururu region.

Which district is Kasese?

Western Uganda
Kasese District is a district in Western Uganda. Like most other Ugandan districts, the town of Kasese is the site of the district headquarters….

Kasese District
Coordinates: 00°11′N 30°05′ECoordinates: 00°11′N 30°05′E
Country Uganda
Region Western Uganda
Sub-region Rwenzururu sub-region

What is the biggest kingdom in Uganda?

Buganda is a Bantu kingdom within Uganda. The kingdom of the Baganda, Buganda is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day East Africa, consisting of Buganda’s Central Region, including the Ugandan capital Kampala.

How many Kingdom are in Uganda?

Parallel with the state administration, five traditional Bantu kingdoms have remained, enjoying some degrees of mainly cultural autonomy. The kingdoms are Toro, Busoga, Bunyoro, Buganda, and Rwenzururu.