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Who is the king of kpop in 2015?

Who is the king of kpop in 2015?

BTS singer Jimin crowned King Choice’s ‘The King of Kpop’ for the second consecutive year with whopping votes.

Are CL and G-Dragon still friends?

Although the BIGBANG star and the former 2NE1 singer had always noted that they are just good friends, shippers would always connect the two romantically.

When did G-Dragon disband?

The group consists of four members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung; former member Seungri retired from the entertainment industry on March 11, 2019….Big Bang (band)

Big Bang
Years active 2006–present
Labels YG Universal Music Japan YGEX Warner Music Taiwan
Associated acts GD & TOP GD × Taeyang 2NE1 YG Family

Is G-Dragon in a relationship?

Dispatch, a South Korean media outlet, reported on February 23, 2021, that BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon have been in a relationship for a year. SM Entertainment, EXO’s management company, confirmed their relationship in December 2018 after they were photographed on a date together.

Who is the Prince of K-Pop?

SHINee is a South Korean boy band known for their musical impact thanks to their many accolades and their title as the “Princes of K-pop.”

Why is Gdragon king of K-Pop?

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been widely known as the ‘King of K-Pop’ due to his efforts to let the Korean music industry be known globally through his hit songs.

Did Gdragon and Sandara Park date?

As they both rose to international fame, Daragon drew a massive following, with loyal fans counting on their close ties eventually turning into a romantic relationship. Over the years, and despite fervent hopes and speculation, they never confirmed being a couple.

Is G-Dragon and Jennie really dating?

Though neither of them has officially confirmed their relationship, their relationship is back under the spotlight. G-Dragon and Jennie’s dating rumors first surfaced on February 24th. At the time, YG released an official statement, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the private lives of the artists.