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Who is the company that makes golf carts?

Who is the company that makes golf carts?

Founded in 1958, Club Car is yet another mainstream name in the golf cart industry. The company began its operations with manufacturing golf carts but has now expanded into other vehicle categories such as commercial utility vehicles and personal transportation. Club Car’s golf carts are popular for their minimal yet exquisite designs.

Who is the owner of golf carts unlimited?

Golf Carts Unlimited has been family owned and operated since 1992! Jeff Dimit has been fixing golf carts since he was a teenager. Dimit’s father owned and operated an auto sales business in Center Township and told his son he could keep the money he got from fixing and selling an old golf cart he had on the grounds.

How much does a gas golf cart cost?

The operating cost for a gas golf cart is approximately $0.12-$0.14 per mile typically, whereas an electric golf cart will cost $0.2 to $0.4 per mile. From an overall cost perspective, gasoline-powered golf carts are expensive.

Why are club car golf carts so popular?

Club Car’s golf carts are popular for their minimal yet exquisite designs. With sufficient storage space, unmatched safety, premium colors, easy-to-use design and maximum comfort, Club Car’s golf carts are among the industry-leading innovations to date.

Can you finance a golf cart with bad credit?

We offer Golf Cart Financing Bad Credit options as low as $155.00 every installment! If you have great credit, we can get you financing at a great rate as well! If your credit score is low, we can likely still get you approved! Why do people purchase golf carts?

Where can I buy a budget golf cart?

Thanks, Budget Golf Carts!!! Brandon and his crew are true professionals who take pride in their work. I had an awesome experience purchasing my golf cart and would highly recommend others to purchase from Budget Golf Carts as well. I’m telling all my friends and neighbors that this is the place to go!

What’s the interest rate on a used golf cart?

Make sure to check out our used golf cart checklist if you’re going the used golf cart route. Unsecured loan- If you don’t want to use your golf cart as collateral, then you’re essentially looking for a personal loan or unsecured, which can have a higher interest rate: as much as 13%

Why do you need a golf cart to play golf?

Golf is a game played by many people in the United States, and one option to move around the course is using a vehicle rather than walking. These vehicles allow for quicker play, help older individuals keep from becoming exhausted and navigate difficult golf courses that have more extreme hills and valleys.