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Which place in Kerala is famous for backwater?

Which place in Kerala is famous for backwater?

Alleppey Backwaters Located in Alleppey are the backwaters widely known for famous the boat race held in August. This is one of the most striking backwaters as the picturesque here will leave you speechless especially during the serene sunsets.

What is the important of backwaters in Kerala?

Connected by artificial canals, the backwaters form an economical means of transport, and a large local trade is carried on by inland navigation. Fishing, along with fish curing, is an important industry. Kerala backwaters have been used for centuries by the local people for transportation, fishing and agriculture.

How do the waters of Kerala make the state popular among tourist?

It is well-known for its boat races, beaches, marine products, backwater cruises, and coir industry. Alleppey/Alappuzha is the gateway to the backwaters between Kochi (Cochin) and Kollam (Quilon). The languid backwaters of Kerala can be experienced best in kettuvallams (Kerala style houseboats).

Which is the biggest back water lake in Kerala?

Vembanad, also known as Punnamada is the longest lake in India, as well as the largest lake in the state of Kerala.

Why Kerala backwaters are called so?

The place is called backwaters because the lake water is actually fresh river water that comes down from the river and is then used for the paddy fields whenever the need be, and later the lake water as it goes ahead, merges with the ocean in Kochi.

What is the backwater tourism in India?

The Kuttanad backwaters and the Vembanad Kayal are the most popular in India among tourists. In fact, the Alleppey district is often called the Venice of the East. From beautiful city of Cochin to Kollam, the backwaters draw hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world.

What is back water in Kerala?

Backwater. The scenic backwaters of Kerala comprise a serene stretch of lakes, canals and lagoons located parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea. The backwater regions of Kerala are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The tranquil backwater cruises are a once in a lifetime experience.

Why Kerala is called back waters?

Which is the smallest lake in Kerala?

It is the smallest and highest altitude freshwater lake in Kerala….

Pookode Lake
Location Pookode, Wayanad District, Kerala
Coordinates 11°32′33″N 76°01′38″ECoordinates: 11°32′33″N 76°01′38″E
Basin countries India
Surface area 13 acres (5.3 ha)

Which is the deepest lake in Kerala?

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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet
Vembanad Lake (Kerala, India) 8

Are Kerala back waters salty?

Fed by the rivers, the backwaters are almost free of salty seawater. In certain areas, such as the Vembanad Kayal, artificial barrage has been built to prevent salt water from the sea from entering the deep inside, keeping the fresh water intact.