Where is the best walleye fishing in Wisconsin?

Where is the best walleye fishing in Wisconsin?

The Best Walleye Fishing In Wisconsin

  • Lake Winnebago. The largest inland lake in Wisconsin is also home to some fantastic walleye fishing.
  • Green Bay. The Bay of Green Bay and its tributaries are not only a spot to catch a lot of walleye but also to catch big walleye.
  • Puckaway Lake.
  • Lake Koshkonong.
  • Lake Geneva.

What was the biggest fish caught in Wisconsin?

Fishing Wisconsin

Species Weight Place Caught
Carp, Bighead 38 lbs. 12 oz. Wisconsin River
Carp, Common 57 lbs. 2 oz. Lake Wisconsin
Carpsucker, Quillback 9 lbs. 15.8 oz. Wolf River
Catfish, Channel 44 lbs. 0 oz. Wisconsin River

What is the biggest walleye on record?

25 pounds
So let the record be known in the walleye world that the world record walleye of 25 pounds which measured 41 inches in length was caught by Mabry Harper in the great state of Tennessee in 1960 was a most well documented claim and there has never been any evidence to prove the contrary.

What is the size limit for walleye on the Wisconsin River?

The minimum length limit is 32″ and the daily bag limit is 1. The minimum length is 15″, but walleye, sauger, and hybrids from 20″ to 28″ may not be kept, and only 1 fish over 28″ is allowed.

How old is a 25 inch walleye?

Generally, female walleye which are 25 inches long are about 10 years old, and 30 inch females are in the range of 20 years old. The oldest Lake of the Woods walleye we have aged was a 23 year old female which was 30.3 inches long.

What is the biggest walleye caught in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin walleye record is an 18-pound fish caught in 1933 on High Lake in Vilas County, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

What is the biggest walleye in Wisconsin?

How many walleye can you keep per day?

three fish
The daily bag and possession limit is three fish except that only one fish may be taken in waters south of Point Conception between March 15 and June 15. The minimum size limit is 28 inches total length or 20 inches alternate length.

What is the legal size walleye in Wisconsin?

15 inches
The minimum size limits for walleyes (15 inches) and saugers (no minimum) are unchanged. In Pools 3 to 8 of the Mississippi between Wisconsin and Minnesota, the daily bag limit is now four walleyes and saugers total, with a 15-inch minimum size limit on walleyes (only one longer than 20 inches may be kept).

How big is a trophy walleye?

I believe a walleye that’s 28–29 inches long is a true walleye trophy. My lifetime biggest walleye weighed 12-1/4-pounds. The biggest walleye that one of my clients ever has caught weighed 11 pounds.

How old is a 50 inch northern pike?

Fish Age-Size and Male/Female Ratio Chart

Fish Age Length Male/Female
8 28″-71cm 55/45
9 29.5″-75cm 50/50
10 31″-78cm 45/55
11 32″- 80cm 40/60