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Where do I go to pay my probation fees?

Where do I go to pay my probation fees?

The payment of fines and fees and/or restitution to victims is also an important part of supervision caseloads. These forms are provided for your convenience. Please print the form, complete it, and deliver it to your Probation Officer as instructed.

Where can I find my monthly probation report?

Monthly report forms are available under our Client’s Corner tab – English; Spanish. Probation staff continue to be available and are actively providing essential services in collaboration with the courts and our criminal justice partners. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

When is the probation hearing after the expiration date?

[Cue ominous music.] The hearing on the violation did not take place until September 20, 2010—two months after the original expiration date. At the eventual hearing, the court extended the probation period by 24 months. After additional violations in 2011 and 2012, the court revoked the defendant’s probation in August 2012.

When does a court have to act on a probation case?

In general, a court only has jurisdiction to act on a probation case until the period of probation expires. There is a limited exception to that rule in G.S. 15A-1344(f). Under that law, the court may act on the case after it expires if the State filed a violation report with the clerk before expiration.

The probation officers don’t have to collect the cash necessarily. For example, Dallas County and Denton County both have web sites that allows people on probation to pay their fees online, using a credit card. What’s this money for?

Can a pre-sentencing report be included in a probation report?

The charge incurred in a Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report used by the judge in deciding on probation may be included, as well. Here’s the thing with these fees: many defendants simply cannot afford to pay them. These fees can be a monthly payment that is as much or more as a car payment, monthly rent on an apartment, or food for the family.

Do you have to report to your probation officer?

Whether you are supervised by the Department of Corrections, the county or the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services System, you will need to report to your probation officer every month. You will have to pay a fee for this monthly reporting. In all cases, the probation officer is authorized to search your home or your person at any time.

What are the effects of fees on probation?

In terms of the effect on probationers, proponents of collection note the concept of “buying into a system,” where the act of paying for supervision forces probationers to be more invested in their rehabilitation. Critics argue that the imposition of fees is yet another barrier and obstacle, thus setting probationers and parolees up for failure.

Do you have to pay court costs if you are on probation?

As part of the conditions of their probation, an individual might have to pay court costs, one-time fees, monthly supervision fees, electronic monitoring costs, or any combination of these charges. Sometimes the law strictly defines the cost of these fees, and sometimes “reasonableness” is the only statutory guideline.

How much does it cost to get on probation in Louisiana?

The average probation sentence there lasts three years, and probation fees are among the highest in the country, at $71 to $121 per month, even though 69% of people on probation make less than $20,000 per year. Data from a report by the state’s Justice Reinvestment Task Force shows just how unreasonable these fees are. In Louisiana in 2015:

How much does it cost for supervised probation in Massachusetts?

*In Massachusetts, the fees have two tiers, $50 for administrative and $65 for supervised probation. In Oklahoma, there are two separate monthly supervision fees, one up to $40 and another up to $20.

Where do I pay for probation and parole in Arkansas?

Probation and Parole (DCC) Payments Pay monthly supervision, drug court and restitution fees online, mobile, phone (IVR) or kiosk. Restitution payments are only accepted for Pulaski, White, Garland and Perry counties only. Go to Probation and Parole (DCC) Payments