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Where did David Dungay Jr die in custody?

Where did David Dungay Jr die in custody?

In the three years since David’s death, his family have campaigned to raise awareness of Indigenous deaths in custody. Carly Earl visits them in Kempsey on the eve of the inquest F our days after Christmas 2015, Leetona Dungay’s son David Dungay Jr died in Sydney’s Long Bay jail.

What did Ernie Dungay do to David Dungay?

Ernie dressed David in his own football guernsey when they buried him. David was three weeks away from release after serving almost eight years for assault, aggravated attempted sexual intercourse and party to robbery. His big sister Christine, now with six children of her own, didn’t see David while he was incarcerated.

When did the coronial inquest into David Dungay start?

On 16 July the coronial inquest into David’s death begins in Sydney after almost three years of waiting. Leetona hopes the inquest will shed light on how and why he died.

Who are the brothers of David Dungay Jr?

David’s big brother, Ernie, and his eldest sister, Christine, still live in Kempsey, within walking distance of their mum. David followed in Ernie’s footsteps and took up football at a young age. He had natural talent, Ernie says. It was in his blood. Everyone who knew David remembers his skill on the field.

What happens when a check is made out to an estate?

When a check is made out to an estate, you need an estate bank account to deposit that check. On the other hand, you can see if the payor on the check will reissue a new one. If that fails, you can see if the Small Estate Affidavit will work to allow you to negotiate the check.

Do you have to probate John Doe Jr’s estate?

John Doe, Jr.’s estate must be probated, and then his wife’s estate must be probated. The ownership of his one third interest in the property will likely end up in the hands of his son’s, wife’s daughter from a previous marriage, i.e., someone who is not related to him at all.

Can a widow sign a check on behalf of the estate?

Technically, the only individual that can endorse those checks on behalf of the estate is the legal representative of the estate — the executor or administrator. So technically, the checks can’t be negotiated and should go back to the issuers for possible re-issue in the widow’s name alone.

When did John Doe Sr sign a life estate deed?

We represent Jane Doe, the daughter of John Doe, Sr. In 2000, John Doe, Sr. signed a life estate deed. He retained a life estate for himself and his wife, who was not the mother of his children.