Where did Arnold say get to the chopper?

Where did Arnold say get to the chopper?

The tweet references Schwarzenegger’s iconic line from the 1987 film “Predator” in which he yells “Get to the choppa!” Alongside the encouraging statement, Arnold shared a video of himself celebrating the news and saying this iconic line.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line?

His most famous quote that became part of pop culture is without doubt, “I’ll be back” from ‘The Terminator’. Read on to find some of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger wuotes, and Christmas Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes and more.

What does the predator say to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

After Dutch impales a bad guy against a wooden post with his machete, he utters the immortal one-liner “Stick around!” This was apparently improvised by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What does the predator say to Dutch?

The Predator knew that Dutch would correctly assume that it’s a self-destruct device and run to get clear. As for the Billy laugh, it is not a gesture of mockery or irony. Instead, it’s the only way the Pred knows how to convey to Dutch that: “You were a worthy opponent. And you even spared me.

What is the quote Get to the chopper from?

‘ Movie Quote Became So Popular. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 sci-fi action film “Predator” is today most remembered for one amazing line: “Get to the choppa!”

Who said hasta la vista first?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
“Hasta la vista, baby” is a catchphrase associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s title character from the 1991 science fiction action film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

What does the Predator say in the Predator 2018?

As Traeger continues his lengthy explanation of the predators, he drops an interesting line, saying, “They’ve been here before — ’87, ’97…”

What does the Predator say at the end of the Predator?

In Predator (1987), during the final fight scene, Dutch defeats the Predator, after hitting the Predator with a big rock, and then stops. Then he asks the Predator, “What the hell are you?”