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Where can I get a copy of the Texas Administrative Code?

Where can I get a copy of the Texas Administrative Code?

A copy of which may be obtained by contacting TDMHMR, Office of Policy Development, P.O. Box 12668, Austin, TX 78711-2668.

When do you need a new consent form in Texas?

Texas Administrative Code. (2) A new consent will be obtained if a change to a different medication is prescribed. (c) If the patient or his or her LAR consents to the administration of psychoactive medication but refuses or is unable to execute the form, a witness to the consent will be obtained.

How to apply for a letter testamentary in Texas?

(2) the decedent’s name and that the decedent died intestate; (2-a) if known by the applicant at the time the applicant files the application, the last three numbers of the decedent’s driver’s license number and social security number; (3) the fact, date, and place of the decedent’s death;

Who is in charge of Texas Administrative Code?

The Secretary of State does not interpret or enforce the Texas Administrative Code. If you need interpretation of a current rule, please contact the agency that promulgated the rule. Search the Texas Administrative Code (includes information in effect on January 1, 1999 – current).

Can a fact witness be paid to testify?

The manner in which a consulting agreement is drafted, however, should take into consideration the cases discussed herein so that parties avoid giving the impression that a fact witness is being paid to testify. II. OVERVIEW Questions have arisen regarding whether, and in what circumstances, fact witnesses can be compensated or reimbursed.

When was HB 2304 passed by the Texas Legislature?

In response to this increased demand, HB 2304 was passed by the Texas Legislature in 1995. HB 2304 allows the Secretary of State to make the TAC available through our web site and to charge for value-added services available through the web site. In addition, HB 2304 mandated that the TAC be made available in an electronic format at no charge.