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What year did Chula Vista win the Little League World Series?

What year did Chula Vista win the Little League World Series?

In the championship game, the United States champions, from Chula Vista, California, defeated the international champions from Taoyuan County, Taiwan….

2009 Little League World Series
Champion Park View Little League Chula Vista, California
Runner-up Kuei-Shan Little League Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Who won the 2009 Little League World Series?

Chula Vista
Chula Vista Park View Little League players celebrate their victory against Asia Pacific (Taoyuan, Taiwan) after the game after the little league world series final at Lamade Stadium on August 30, 2009 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

When did Chula Vista Little League champions?

The 2013 Little League World Series was held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, from August 15 until August 25….

2013 Little League World Series
Dates August 22–August 25
Teams participating 16
Champion Musashi-Fuchū Little League Tokyo
Runner-up Eastlake Little League Chula Vista, California

Who won the 2008 Little League World Series?

Waipio Little

2008 Little League World Series
Dates August 15–August 24
Teams participating 16
Champion Waipio Little League Waipi`o, Hawaii
Runner-up Matamoros Little League Matamoros, Mexico

Where is Kiko Garcia now?

Kiko Garcia – Baseball – Pepperdine University Athletics.

Is California eliminated from LLWS?

A watch party was held to watch the Torrance all-stars play Ohio in the Little League World Series. TORRANCE, Calif. (CNS) — The all-star team from the Torrance Little League was eliminated from the Little League World Series Thursday, losing 4-2 to its counterpart from Hamilton, Ohio in an elimination bracket game.

Who won the 2017 Little League World Series?


2017 Little League World Series
Teams participating 16
Champion Tokyo Kitasuna Little League Tokyo, Japan
Runner-up Lufkin Little League Lufkin, Texas
Little League World Series

What is the fastest pitch in the LLWS?

Little League World Series pitcher Mo’ne Davis threw a 70 mph fastball. 13-year-old Vincent Ogasawara, a 5’4″ 124 lb RHP for Waipio, Hawaii, was touching 71 mph in the 2015 West Regional facing hard-hitting players from Bonita, CA.