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What to do if your ex is using the legal system?

What to do if your ex is using the legal system?

If you believe that your ex is using the legal system to harass you, your attorney can help you hold him or her responsible. At Pacific Northwest Family Law, our attorneys are experienced with handling all types of family law matters, and will help you stand up for yourself in court.

When do you think your ex is a vexatious litigant?

First, people who believe their ex is a vexatious litigant must speak with their attorney. Just because a case has been going on for a long time, or has hundreds of docket entries does not mean that the other person is abusing the legal system.

Can a spouse use the legal system to punish an ex?

Many people in the middle of a divorce feel the need to punish their former partner for any real or imagined slights. Unfortunately, some spouses attempt to use the legal system to exact their revenge, by filing motion after motion for the sole purpose of frustrating their ex.

What happens if my ex inherits money in Wisconsin?

That said, in Wisconsin, for example, if you are paying child support or alimony (known as maintenance in some states) then these payments could be affected if you inherit money or assets. In other words, your ex could possibly have a claim that if you inherited a large sum of money, you now have more money available for child support or alimony.

What to do if your ex’s lawyer is harassing you?

If you are not represented, then your ex’s attorney may need to contact you regarding an active case. Generally, you may set the method of contact and communication, so long as it is reasonable.

When does an attorney cross over the line?

What’s worse though, is that, sometimes, attorneys cross over the line of acceptable persistence and aggressiveness. For lawyers and non-lawyers alike, knowing when an attorney crosses that line of acceptable conduct generally is not too difficult, but does involve taking a step back and evaluating the conduct objectively.

Can my ex-spouse get my settlement money?

The question that I’ve heard from time to time is “can my ex-spouse get my personal injury settlement or workers’ compensation checks for child support?” The answer is case specific, and if you’ve been injured in an accident at work or were in a motor vehicle accident, I recommend contacting me to discuss the details.

Can a parent be cordial to their ex?

If that can’t happen, they need to be civil at the very least. In the fallout of a messy divorce, some parents can’t summon the will to be cordial to their ex, and it only leads to problems. “Not only does this behavior create tension, it also causes stress to the children and provides a bad example,” says Valencia.

What to do if your ex spouse is a legal bully?

When it becomes clear that this is not the case, judges will often act. Just as an ex-spouse does not appreciate attending hearings on baseless matters, judges also do not like it when parties waste their time. If you believe that your ex is using the legal system to harass you, your attorney can help you hold him or her responsible.

Why does my ex withhold things from me?

There are no other explanations why an ex would withhold your belongings from you. If you ask your ex for your stuff back and he or she refuses to do so without a reasonable explanation, your ex has ulterior motives.

What happens after an ex parte hearing is denied?

A sheriff or other law enforcement officer serves the respondent, who is also known as the defendant in some states. The purpose of the hearing is to make sure the other party has been given his or her due process rights. If the judge denies your ex parte application, a hearing may still be held shortly after the denial.

Can a judge issue an ex parte order?

The judge can grant the ex parte motion and issue a temporary order, such as a temporary full custody order or a temporary restraining order. Because the other party was not present, the order is only temporary. Some examples of ex parte orders are orders that:

What happens when you file an ex parte motion?

There are other situations where emergency orders are appropriate, but these are the most common. In a situation where getting an immediate order is urgent, you can petition the court without notifying and serving the other party. This is known as an ex parte motion or application. What happens during this process varies in each state.