What should a supplier code of conduct include?

What should a supplier code of conduct include?

Components of a supplier code of conduct include: Labor practice and standards: This includes safeguards against child labour, non-discrimination, health and safety, working conditions, working hours, compensation, right to association, freely chosen employment.

What are examples of code of conduct?

Types of code of conduct

  • Company’s values.
  • Employee behaviors.
  • Dress code.
  • Tardiness/absenteeism.
  • Leave policy.
  • Employee break policy.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Communication.

What is the meaning of supplier code of conduct?

– Supplier shall follow all Environmental, Health and Safety and other operational policies of the Company while executing any work or contract at the company site. – Supplier shall follow all laws of the land including laws on Environment sustainability and protection while executing any work for the Company.

Who should be involved in writing a supplier code of conduct?

A Code of Conduct is written by a senior leadership team; developed by a cross-section of employees from various functions; or designed by organization development, corporate communications, marketing, supplier relationships, and/or Human Resources staff, depending on the organization and its internal mode of operation …

What is Nestle supplier code?

(“the Code”) specifies and helps the continued. implementation of the Corporate Business. Principles by establishing certain non-negotiable. Preamble. Nestlé supports and encourages operating practices, farming practices and agricultural production systems that are sustainable.

What is the code of conduct for employees?

An employee code of conduct is a legal document that provides guidelines on acceptable behaviors of individuals in an organization. The employee code of conduct defines acceptable behavior and social norms that individuals in an organization should adopt on a day-to-day basis.

What are the five code of conduct?

It is divided into three sections, and is underpinned by the five fundamental principles of Integrity, Objectivity, Professional competence and due care, Confidentiality, and Professional behaviour.

Why is a Supplier Code of Conduct important?

The Supplier Code of Conduct is to ensure that values of Shriram Pistons & Rings are being followed by the suppliers and all their personnel including but not limited to employees, officers, and directors. The matters covered in the Code are important for the SPRL and its Suppliers, for their business conduct.

What are the five principles of the code of conduct?

These values, as outlined in the AHS Cares Values Booklet, 2016, are compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and safety. These values guide all of our actions.

Who is responsible for sourcing suppliers?

The responsibility of sourcing is a shared responsibility; a responsibility that must be demanded, governed, complied with, expected, standardized, and executed upon by suppliers, traders, manufacturers, logistic providers, purchasers, retailers, investors, employees, and consumers.

What companies are under Nestle?

Our Brands

  • Baby foods. Cerelac, Gerber, NaturNes.
  • Bottled water. Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, S.Pellegrino.
  • Cereals. Cheerios, Fitness, Lion, Nesquik Cereal.
  • Chocolate & confectionery.
  • Coffee.
  • Culinary, chilled and frozen food.
  • Dairy.
  • Drinks.