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What kind of storage can I get at CubeSmart?

What kind of storage can I get at CubeSmart?

Many CubeSmart locations offer parking for the storage of RVs, boats, cars, and motorcycles. The size and amenities of our vehicle storage units range from outdoor spaces to covered and indoor units. Our size guide can help you figure out what parking space is right for your vehicle.

Is there a loading dock or area at CubeSmart?

Yes, CubeSmart is happy to offer package acceptance at your local facility. Please speak with the local general manager for more details. Is there a loading dock or area? Some of our locations offer a loading area, some do not.

Where can I find climate controlled self storage?

You can check with the manager at your local facility or call us to find climate-controlled self storage. What is the difference between and indoor and outdoor unit? Indoor units are typically located inside of a building.

Where are drive up storage units usually located?

Indoor units are typically located inside of a building. Many indoor facilities are in multi-story buildings with elevator access and wide hallways. Outdoor units are frequently on one level and have drive-up access. What is a drive-up storage unit? A drive-up storage unit is a ground floor or outdoor unit that has its own loading area.

How much does it cost to rent a CubeSmart storage unit?

Purchase a unit for two months, and you’d save enough to get a rental truck. Availability. Prices are higher when storage units are in demand. They’re usually cheaper when you can find a CubeSmart location with lots of available storage spaces.

Can you buy packing tape from

Yes, CubeSmart has shipping supplies. The self-storage company sells everything from moving boxes to packing tape. Customers can make purchases on the CubeSmart app or website or by visiting a CubeSmart rental office. Does CubeSmart have many perks?

What can you store in a storage unit?

Stashing beer, wine, and spirits in a storage unit is completely acceptable. In fact, some facilities even specialize in wine storage and come with built-in wine racks and shelves. (Your storage unit is also a great place to hide your alcohol from your teenagers.)

Are there parking spaces for motorcycles at CubeSmart?

Yes, CubeSmart has parking spaces—although availability varies by location. The lots fit vehicles ranging from small motorcycles to Class A recreational vehicles like motorhomes with heavy-duty frames similar to 18-wheeler trucks. Data as of 10/12/2020. Sizes are estimates.