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What is the purpose of a Labour Management Relations Committee?

What is the purpose of a Labour Management Relations Committee?

PURPOSE OF COMMITTEES The purpose of Labour-Management Relations Committees is to provide a forum for the frank exchange of information, views, and advice on workplace issues, between management and employee representatives as close as possible to the workplace.

What is the National Union Management Consultation Committee?

The National Union-Management Consultation Committee (UMCC) has been established to deal with department wide policies, programs, and strategic issues. Intermediate level and local committees shall address operational and tactical issues respectively.

How often should union management consultation framework be reviewed?

To ensure that the framework continues to be relevant for the department, it is recommended that the executive coordinator for the national committee/Director General Labour Relations and Compensation review the Union Management Consultation Framework, every five (5) years.

Where is the Committee on labor and employment located?

Committee Jurisdiction: Primary jurisdictions are wages, hours, employment discrimination, Cal-OSHA, employment development, and public job programs. The Committee on Labor and Employment is located in the Legislative Office Building, 1020 N Street, Room 155 and the phone number is (916) 319-2091.

How often should the Labor Management Committee meet?

– Schedule meetings at regular intervals (e.g., the first and third Tuesday of every month). Because LMCs often address long-term problems and issues, having a regular meeting schedule increases the chance that participants will be able to attend regularly.

What are the benefits of Labor Management Committees?

Both sides benefit: The jurisdiction reduces expenditures and/or improves services at the same time that the union gains more members and stable employment. LMCs can help labor and management confront longstanding mutual concerns. LMCs can be particularly useful when both parties acknowledge the need to modernize outdated systems or processes.

Who are the NYS and CSEA labor management committees?

The publication is now being produced by the NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training (Partnership). The Partnership represents the recent merger of three organizations:the NYS and CSEA Labor-Management Committees (LMCs);the Clerical and Secretarial Employee Advancement Program (CSEAP);and the Labor Education Action Program (LEAP).