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What is the meaning of out of thin air?

What is the meaning of out of thin air?

Definition of out of thin air —used to say that someone or something appears in a sudden and unexpected way He appeared out of thin air.

What does a thin air mean?

phrase. If someone or something disappears into thin air, they disappear completely. If someone or something appears out of thin air, they appear suddenly and mysteriously. He had materialized out of thin air; I had not seen or heard him coming.

Where did the saying out of thin air come from?

The phrase was first alluded to in 1604 by Shakespeare in his play Othello. It reads “Clown: Then put up your pipes in your bag, for I’ll away. Go; vanish into air; away!” It was in another of his plays The Tempest in 1610 that the exact phrase “thin air” was first used.

Why do we say thin air?

A figurative phrase used to suggest nothingness or nonexistence. I had no idea she’d researched the budget so thoroughly—she pulled that report out of thin air.

What does thick air mean?

The air is literally “thick”: it’s probably full of smoke, dust, or other pollutants, probably.

Is vanish into thin air an idiom?

Definition. vanish into thin air: (Note: another version of this idiom is disappear into thin air). to be gone quickly and completely.

Is out of breath a hyperbole?

This slightly hyperbolic term (since literally running out of breath means one is dead) dates from the late 1500s.

What’s another word for Out of breath?

In this page you can discover 56 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for breathless, like: out-of-breath, exhausted, windless, airless, winded, gasping, short of breath, panting, inanimate, and spent.

What does tension in the air mean?

It means that everyone seems to be worried. For example, “After the accident, they went about their work as usual, but there was tension in the air.”

Why does the air feel thick?

In order to get more water into the air, it has to push other elements, like nitrogen and oxygen, out of the way. It feels heavy because your lungs have to work harder to get the oxygen you need to function.