What is the concept of outsider art?

What is the concept of outsider art?

Outsider art is used to describe art that has a naïve quality, often produced by people who have not trained as artists or worked within the conventional structures of art production.

Which is an example of outsider art?

01. Henry Darger. Darger created over 300 watercolour and collage paintings to tell his story, his work now being one one of the most celebrated examples outsider art.

Who are some famous outsiders?

Famous Outsider Artists

  • John Kane. John Kane, “In a Library,” 1860-1934.
  • Morris Hirshfield. Morris Hirshfield, “The Great Cat,” 1937.
  • William Edmondson. William Edmondson figure.
  • Horace Pippin. Horace Pippin, “Holy Mountain I,” 1944.
  • Henry Darger.

Who coined the term outsiders?

The term outsider art was introduced into the lexicon in 1972 by British writer Roger Cardinal as an English-language equivalent of the French art brut. By the 1980s, however, the term had expanded to encompass a much greater range of vernacular and “marginal” arts.

Why is outsider art controversial?

And the increasing popularity of outsider art has generated controversy regarding the potential for exploitation of these artists. One such way exploitation can occur is if these artists’ works are promoted and consumed in a way that reinforces the “othering” of those with mental illness.

What is the difference between folk artist and outsider artist?

Outsider art refers to the visionary work of contemporary artists who, despite a lack of formal training, develop individual, idiosyncratic artistic styles that are celebrated by the mainstream art world. Folk art refers to objects usually made for utilitarian purposes that also have aesthetic appeal.

What is the difference between folk art and outsider art?

A key distinction between folk and outsider art is that folk art typically embodies traditional forms and social values, where outsider art stands in some marginal relationship to society’s mainstream. Neuve invention: Used to describe artists who, although marginal, have some interaction with mainstream culture.

What definition best describes an outsider artist?

Outsider art (no style) is made by artist who are largely unaware of art history or the art tends of their time. Art by outsider artists is personal expression created apart from any conventional practice or style.

Is being an outsider bad?

Although there may be some that escape from the scrutinizing eyes of people, for most outsiders in society, being an outsider is a negative experience because of the rejection and judgment of others.

Who discovered outsider?

First coined by the critic Roger Cardinal in 1972, the term ‘Outsider Art’ was originally employed as a synonym for ‘Art Brut’. That label was created by Jean Dubuffet in the 1940s to describe works produced beyond the boundaries of the mainstream art world.

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Are outsiders misjudged or misunderstood?

In conclusion Outsiders can be those who are misjudged or misunderstood,those who can not choose the trait that makes them different,who have to learn to accept themselves and stand up for themselves even if the whole world is telling them they do no not belong in society but on other hand outsiders can also be people …