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What is the benefits of creative writing?

What is the benefits of creative writing?

Creative writing also develops creative thoughts, using their imaginations, suggest alternatives, broaden their thought process and problem-solving abilities. It also allows the child to show their opinions and develop their voice. It also improves their logical skills.

What do you gain from writing?

Improve your vocabulary – The biggest benefit one gets from writing more is that your vocabulary will improve tremendously, you will be conscious of grammar and spelling! 3. Allows creativity to flourish – Especially if you write for several blogs, creativity will certainly play a big role.

How does writing help you heal?

By helping people manage and learn from negative experiences, writing strengthens their immune systems as well as their minds.

What are the disadvantages of writing?

The Disadvantages of Written CommunicationImpersonality. Written communication is less personal than oral communication, making it less ideal for emotional messages. Possibility of Miscommunication. Lack of Instantaneous Feedback. Cost, Materials and Storage. Liability.