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What is confidential information for lawyers?

What is confidential information for lawyers?

“Confidential information” is not defined in the Rules but may include: • information regarding a former client which is directly related to a matter with a current client; • information relevant to a competitor such as product pricing; and • in certain situations, particular intimate knowledge of a client, their …

How to deal with conflict during a meeting?

We look at some top tips on dealing with conflict during meetings. Be prepared. One of the best defences against conflict is thorough preparation before the meeting. Set the agenda in advance and follow it closely without being too rigid.

What causes conflict in a small business meeting?

Conflict in business meetings usually falls into two categories: 1 Real professional differences – Conflict can arise from very real differences in professional opinions. In many cases,… 2 Power struggles and personality issues – Conflict can arise when individuals or groups dislike one-another, or feel that… More …

When do you need to take control of a meeting?

When a conflict arises in a meeting, you, as the chair need to take control. Don’t let others start wading into the conflict by interrupting you or the speakers. A key cause of anger or conflict is that people may perceive that they, or things they hold dear, are threatened.

Can a professional disagreement lead to open conflict?

Real professional differences – Conflict can arise from very real differences in professional opinions. In many cases, these differences don’t develop into open conflict.

What happens when there is conflict in a meeting?

While this struggle is considered common, letting it ruin discussions can also disrupt concentration and impede the overall meeting agenda. As the chairperson, facilitator or attendee, it is vital that you know how to handle any kind of conflict: Conflicts usually arise from misunderstandings and differences.

Can a lawyer tell if there is a conflict of interest?

While an attorney may be able to easily identify a conflict, sometimes they’re not always easy to spot. Because of this, it’s the attorney’s responsibility to perform regular conflict checks when taking on a new client.

How to prepare for a conflict resolution meeting?

Before your meeting begins, take about 30 minutes and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Strong conflict creates strong emotions, not only on the part of the participants, but for any observer as well. Expect to hear language that’s affected by emotions, and prepare yourself accordingly.

How can team members deal with a conflict?

Active listening is essential to handling conflicts. How can team members deal with conflict if they do not know what has transpired in the first place? Pay close attention to each and every idea and ensure that you thoroughly understand all of them. If you feel something isn’t right, raise your concern or ask further questions.