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What is book 24 about in The Odyssey?

What is book 24 about in The Odyssey?

In Book 24 of The Odyssey, Hermes, the messenger of gods, takes the spirits of the whining suitors to the underworld, where Achilles and Agamemnon talk about each other’s deaths. Back on earth, Odysseus goes to Laertes’s farm, and proves his identity to his grief-stricken father.

Who dies in Book 24 of The Odyssey?

The two sides engage in battle. Strengthened by his son’s return and Athena’s blessing, Laertes kills Eupithes. With one father defeating the other, the war ends there.

What does Laertes have to show in Book 24?

He tells Laertes that he is a traveller from another land, and that he once hosted Odysseus. But Laertes cries to hear Odysseus’s name, and Odysseus breaks down and reveals his identity. Laertes asks for proof, so Odysseus shows him the scar and describes the fruit trees Laertes gave him when he was a boy.

What is the theme of The Odyssey Book 23?

Lesson Summary In Book 23 of The Odyssey, Penelope sees Odysseus without his disguise, but still refuses to believe it is really him. Meanwhile, Odysseus wants everyone to act as if there is a wedding and Penelope has remarried, to hide his slaughter of the suitors from outsiders.

Where does Book 24 of The Odyssey take place?

Back in Ithaca, Odysseus travels to Laertes’ farm. He sends his servants into the house so that he can be alone with his father in the gardens.

Is Book 24 of The Odyssey necessary?

Overall, although many argue Book 24 was unnecessary, it actually proved clear purpose for closing story plot gaps, redefining character motivations and reestablishing an overarching theme.

How did Odysseus get the scar on his leg?

As she is putting them in a basin of water, she notices a scar on one of his feet. She immediately recognizes it as the scar that Odysseus received when he went boar hunting with his grandfather Autolycus.

What are Agamemnon and Achilles discussing in Book 24?

Summary: Book 24 Agamemnon and Achilles argue over who had the better death. Agamemnon describes Achilles’ funeral in detail. They see the suitors coming in and ask how so many noble young men met their end.

What does Athena do Laertes?

After their reunion, the two of them go to Odysseus’ home to fend off the families of the dead suitors. Athena infuses vigour into Laertes, so he can help Odysseus. He kills Eupeithes, father of Antinous.

What does Athena do to Odysseus at the beginning of Book 23?

The next day, he leaves with Telemachus for Laertes’ orchard. He gives Penelope instructions not to leave her room or receive any visitors. Athena cloaks Odysseus and Telemachus in darkness so that no one will see them as they walk through the town.

What do you think is the purpose of Book 24?

To avoid story plot gaps, Book 24 works effectively to to show Odysseus’s father’s mental state upon his son’s return and shows how they are finally at peace.

Why are we still reading the Odyssey today?

The Odyssey isn’t just an exciting story about blood-drinking cannibals; it’s also a poem stuffed with profound reflections on heroism, love, and human life. Let’s put it this way: there’s a reason that we’re still reading it 3,000 years later.

Who are the main characters in the Odyssey?

Composed (maybe) by a poet named Homer (maybe), it tells the story of a man trying to make his way home from war. But not just any man, and not just any war. Its hero is Odysseus, who is basically the Jon Hamm of Ancient Greece: smart, strong, attractive, brave, beloved by the gods, and way cooler than you are.

Where does beggar Odysseus go to sleep in the Odyssey?

Beggar Odysseus settles down to bed on the floor outside of Penelope’s room, but has trouble falling asleep. Kind of like before the night of a big game, or in this case the slaughter of 100+ men. He sees some of the maids slipping out to go sleep with the suitors.

How did Odysseus react to the maids betrayal?

He sees some of the maids slipping out to go sleep with the suitors. He’s enraged at the maids’ betrayal but stays silent. Athene arrives and to give Odysseus a game-day speech, while Penelope cries upstairs.