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What is an EDI 846 in SAP?

What is an EDI 846 in SAP?

The EDI 846 is essentially an inventory report from your 3PL listing all your inventory and different stock statuses. The proper implementation of the EDI 846 gives great visibility into the accuracy of your 3PL inventory, and even the causes for any inaccuracies.

What is an X12 846?

An ANSI X12 EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice) message is used to send inventory information between customers and suppliers, and replaces the historical paper based version of this document. This is used by customers to inform their suppliers of their held inventory and stock levels.

What is an 846 file?

An EDI 846 is an electronic version of a paper inventory update. This document is also known as EDI Inventory Inquiry/Advice, EDIFACT INVRPT and x12 846. It is most commonly used by retailers to inquire about a supplier’s inventory levels and for suppliers to advise on the number of units they have on hand.

What is an 832 file?

An EDI 832 is a catalog price file and is used to request or provide prices and product information of goods electronically. It replaces a paper catalog and includes: Seller name and contact information. Terms of sale. Discount.

What is a 846?

An EDI 846 is an electronic version of a paper inventory update. It is used by trading partners to communicate inventory levels and whether there is stock of inventory on hand to be sold electronically.

What is an EDI transaction 860?

The EDI 860 transaction set represents the electronic Purchase Order Change Request. It is used by buyers to request a change to a purchase order (EDI 850) they previously submitted. The 860 may also be used by buyers to confirm their acceptance of changes to purchase orders made by the sellers.

What is EDI 812?

An EDI 812 Debit/Credit Adjustment is a business document that communicates an adjustment to the costs for products or services between retailers or grocers and their vendors, suppliers and wholesalers. The EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment is often made in cases where: Items were defective, damaged, or spoiled.

What is an 830 in EDI?

What is an EDI 830? An EDI 830 is also known as a Planning Schedule with Release Capability. This EDI transaction set is usually sent from a manufacturer to one of their vendors/suppliers, and details anticipated needs for a specified period of time.

What is an EDI 823?

What is an EDI 823? EDI 823, also known as a Lockbox transaction, is an electronic data interchange document used by banks and other lockbox providers. The Lockbox document includes key information on incoming payments, allowing business partners to streamline the payments process.

What does it mean Refund issued?

Issued means the refund processing is complete and will be sent to you, either by direct deposit or mailed paper check (depending on how you requested it).