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What is a theatre seating area called?

What is a theatre seating area called?

The auditorium (also known as the house) is where the audience sits to watch the performance.

How many seats are in an opera box?

Metropolitan Opera House Grand Tier The central rows have 382 seats while the boxes have 60 seats in total. There are 30 additional places available in the standing room at the end of the section. Grand Tier Premium: The first three rows in the center two sections along with few seats on the aisles.

Where does royalty sit in a theatre?

Upper Class: The upper class theatre goers of the Globe Theatre would sit in a section higher called the heavens on cushions. Rich nobles would even pay to sit on the actual stage itself.

What is a short tailed lemur called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SHORT-TAILED LEMUR [indri]

What are the parts of a theatre called?

Parts of a theater that are on or near the stage

  • Set. The physical surroundings where the action of a play takes place.
  • Backstage. The area behind the set or off the stage that’s not seen by the audience.
  • Apron.
  • Pit (or orchestra pit)
  • Proscenium Arch.
  • Crossover Space.
  • Trap Door.
  • Wings.

Why are they called box seats?

The box-seat was literally a box which was used as a seat for the driver on coaches. This was set at quite a height in order for the coachman to be able to see beyond the one or two pairs of horses that drew the coach. It isn’t difficult to imagine how ‘in the box-seat’ took on its figurative ‘advantageous’ meaning.

What do box seats mean?

1a : a seat in a box (as in a theater or grandstand) b : a position favorable for viewing something. 2 : box entry 1 sense 3d.

What is Shakespearean theatre?

The Shakespeare Theater is a mobile construction that evokes an Elizabethan theatre and has as its main objective to bring the spectator to a new theater experience. The Theater invites spectators to take part on the plays the same way they did in London in the 1600, at the theater where Shakespeare exposed his texts.

What is a royal box?

The Royal Box is an original high quality product with a sophisticated design, intended exclusively for the storage of snuff tobacco. The quality of the design itself allows for a 100% secure storage of the content, as it is securely sealed even with the sliding cover.

Is copious crossword clue?

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What is the back of a theater called?

The Cyclorama is a curved plain cloth or plastered wall filling the rear of the stage or TV studio. Often used as a sky backing to a traditional set, or as the main backing for a dance piece etc.