What happens when you put a user on a litigation hold?

What happens when you put a user on a litigation hold?

However, if you put a user who was already on an In-Place Hold on Litigation Hold, the Litigation Hold takes preference. Therefore, deleted items are moved to the Purges folder instead. Versions: When a user is put on In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold, mailbox items must be protected from tampering or modification by the user or a process.

Can a cop pull you over if you have an expired license?

Cops can also pull up info about the driver who registered the vehicle, including license status. That means a cop can pull you over and see you have an expired license or a restricted license. They can also pull your plate numbers before pulling you over and stop you because they see your license is expired.

What happens when mailbox on hold is not enabled?

If the archive mailbox isn’t enabled, no action is taken, which means that items in the Recoverable Items folder for a mailbox on hold aren’t moved to the archive mailbox after the 14-day retention period expires.

What happens when a user is put on an in place hold?

DiscoveryHolds: If a user is put on an In-Place Hold, deleted items are moved to this folder. When the mailbox assistant processes the mailbox, it evaluates messages in this folder. Items that match the In-Place Hold query are retained until the hold period specified in the query.

Can a police officer refuse to give you your license?

The law also prohibits someone from refusing to surrender his driver’s license, registration certificate, insurance identification card, or vehicle license plates “on demand of the commissioner” or to fail to produce his license when requested by a court.

Can a police officer suspend a drivers license?

DMV REGULATION AND UNDERLYING STATUTE There is no law that explicitly grants police officers the authority you describe, but a DMV regulation authorizes police to summarily suspend a license under certain conditions on behalf of the DMV commissioner and forward it to the DMV for further action. Specifically, this regulation states:

Can a litigation hold be placed on a public folder?

Using Litigation Hold for public folders isn’t supported. When you create an In-Place Hold, the only option is to place a hold on all public folders in your organization. The result is that an In-Place Hold is placed on all public folder mailboxes. Additionally, when you place public folders on In-Place Hold,…

What happens when a driver’s license is suspended by the DMV?

In any case, his license remains withdrawn indefinitely during the entire period his case is being resolved. The license is, in effect, suspended and the person may not drive until the matter is resolved. DMV REGULATION AND UNDERLYING STATUTE