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What happens if I file a restraining order on my Ex?

What happens if I file a restraining order on my Ex?

If the court decides your ex committed domestic violence against you or your children, they will take away your ex’s custody rights. Your ex can seek visitation rights or a reinstatement of custody rights in the future if he or she is compliant with restraining orders or other court orders. We were unable to load Disqus.

Is it safe to file a restraining order on behalf of my child?

It can be discouraging to try and protect your children from an abusive ex when the court has mandated co-parenting or split custody. Understandably, you want to protect your children, but not obeying court orders can mean further separation for you and your children.

How can I get a restraining order lifted?

Lifting the Order. Typically, either the victim or the defendant can ask the court to lift the restraining order. This is usually completed by filing a motion with the court, such as a Motion to Modify Conditions of Pretrial Release or a Motion to Lift Restraining Order. This legal motion must usually identify the parties.

Can a restraining order be filed in a divorce?

Some divorces are harder than others. If you’ve recently gone through a tough divorce with an abusive ex, you may be concerned for the safety of your children. Immediately inform the authorities if you believe your children are being abused by your ex. Some cases allow you to file a restraining order on behalf of your child.

When to get a restraining order against an ex spouse?

Other reasons to seek a restraining order include the loss of assets or patent and trademark infringement. While less common, you can still request a restraining order if, for example, your ex-spouse is in the process of moving or hiding money or depleting your assets to prevent you from acquiring your fair share.

Is it worth it to file a restraining order?

Sometimes filing a restraining order is worth every penny and minute of your time. In some instances, it doesn’t make a bit of difference. And then, there are times filing a restraining order against a narcissistic or borderline ex causes their harassment and stalking behaviors to worsen precipitously.

What happens if an ex spouse violates an order of protection?

An order of protection (temporary or otherwise) can limit physical interactions between you and your ex. If your ex-spouse violates the terms of such an order, he or she may be charged with criminal contempt.

How does a restraining order affect a divorce?

Require the respondent spouse to “stay away” from the petitioner spouse and their children; Direct the respondent to refrain from certain acts, such as verbally threatening or abusing the petitioner and their children; Require the respondent to allow the petitioner visitation with their children;