What games does Zynga closing?

What games does Zynga closing?

Zynga shuts down 11 games, focusing on more profitable titles

  • PetVille – Shut down December 30.
  • Mafia Wars 2 – Shut down December 30.
  • FishVille – Shut down December 5.
  • Vampire Wars – Shut down December 5.
  • Treasure Isle – Shut down December 5.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World – Closed to new players, shuts down January 14.

How many games has Zynga?

In 2017 its most successful games were Zynga Poker and Words with Friends 2, with about 57 million games being played at any given moment; and CSR Racing 2, the most popular racing game on mobile devices….Acquisitions.

Date Dec 2018
Games Empires & Puzzles
Company Small Giant Games
Price $560 million
Country Finland

Why did CityVille shut down?

The most notable closure was probably CityVille 2, since it was the sequel to what was once Zynga’s biggest hit. COO David Ko blamed some of CityVille 2’s failure on a lack of lead time to properly test the game. Zynga had earlier announced a cost-savings plan that saw the shutdown of 11 titles.

Is Zynga shutting down FarmVille?

The Zynga game, FarmVille, is seeing its final day Dec. 31, 2020. Earlier this year, Zynga announced that FarmVille would be shutting down, and began prepping their users to tie up all their loose ends. That’s right, we’ll no longer be able to send crops to our aunts and check in on our moms’ farms.

Is Zynga ending FarmVille?

The original version of FarmVille, which was once the most popular game on Facebook, is officially shutting down. Mark Pincus, chairman of co-founder of California-based game developer Zynga, broke the news on Twitter. “Tomorrow, Zynga shuts down FarmVille on Facebook after 11 years.

Will CityVille ever come back?

Social games company Zynga has announced it will be closing CityVille on Facebook, marking the end of an era for the once-mega city-building game. While Zynga might be closing CityVille, fans of the developer have much to look forward to, in the form of new mobile games, set for release this year.

Are there any Zynga games left on Facebook?

Though it may seem like a mass culling, Zynga will still have over 30 titles available across Facebook,, iOS, Android, Myspace, and other social sites. The fact is that if Zynga wants to save these games, keep the rest of its workforce employed, and get its share price growing, it had to cut deadweight.

How many people play Zynga games a month?

History. As of January 2018, Zynga had 1,681 employees, approximately 80 million monthly active users, and a market capitalization of $3.39 billion. According to the company, Zynga has had over one billion people play its games since its inception in 2007.

Why did Zynga go down in the stock market?

Investors feared it had become bloated, free virality on Facebook had been curtailed, competitors were proliferating, and the shift of Facebook users to mobile from Zynga’s stronghold on the desktop canvas would break the company. Zynga’s share price is down 3.52 percent to $2.33 from its $10 IPO price a year ago.

When did Zynga lose half of its user base?

By July 2013, Zynga had reportedly lost nearly half of its user base from the previous year. Consequently, investors decreased Zynga’s valuation by 400 million. On July 25, 2013, Zynga said they would not be pursuing real money game production in the US. Following this announcement, shares dropped 13%.