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What does softcat sell?

What does softcat sell?

Softcat is a IT Solutions and Service provider. We sell and support areas of business including software licensing, datacentre, network and security, cloud & managed services and many more from the world’s leading IT companies to private and public sector organisations across the UK.

What is softcat like to work for?

Summing up the reviews, one wrote, “Softcat is full of incredible people and great opportunities. The culture is to work hard while enjoying your job and where you work”. Corporate perks and rewards, pay and opportunities for training and progression were all highlighted as benefits of working for Softcat.

What industry is softcat in?


Type Public limited company
Industry Information technology
Founded 1993
Founder Peter Kelly
Headquarters Marlow, Buckinghamshire

When was softcat founded?

March 30, 1993, High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Who owns Softcat?

P eter Kelly, founder of the 22-year-old software reseller Softcat, is set to cash in around £60 million when it floats next month.

Who are Softcat competitors?

Top 10 Softcat Plc Alternatives & Competitors

  • Coastal Cloud.
  • Switchfast Technologies.
  • Magna5.
  • Navisite Services.
  • CDW.
  • CompuData.
  • Magnetar.
  • Sirius.

Who is the CEO of Softcat?

Graeme Watt (Apr 2018–)

How many employees do Softcat have?

Why choose Softcat? – Over 1500 employees (2020) – NPS score of +66 – Customer satisfaction rate of 97% – Current annual turnover: £1,077.1m – Nine offices: Marlow, London, Manchester, Dublin, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and the South Coast – Active on 30+ Public Sector frameworks – Online procurement system – …

How much is Peter Kelly Softcat worth?

Peter Kelly , who set up IT provider Softcat from his garden shed in 1993, has a $1.3 billion personal wealth – which works out around £950 million in UK money.

Who is the founder of softcat?

Peter Kelly
#2263 Peter Kelly Peter Kelly founded I.T. infrastructure provider Softcat in 1993, spending a reported $44,400 and working out of his garden shed. Kelly, a college dropout, started out in sales at Xerox Corp. He took Softcat public in 2015 on the London Stock Exchange and owns just over 30% of the company.