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What does low burn air mean on pellet stove?

What does low burn air mean on pellet stove?

essentially the low fuel feed controls the fuel feed on the lowest heat ranges (1 and 2 ) and the low burn air controls the speed of the combustion blower at the same low ranges. so in essence the low fuel feed determines how many pellets per “dose” are fed.

How do I increase the airflow in my pellet stove?

Pull out on the handle or rod slowly if you have a tall, slow burning flame. Pulling the handle out from the stove increases the amount of air inside the stove. Continue to pull out on the handle until you’re satisfied with the amount of air inside the stove, and the flames burn normally.

What setting should I run my pellet stove on?

It is best to run the appliance on the lower heat settings like 2 or 3 rather than up at 4 or 5. The higher heat settings result in lower efficiency and the appliance cycling from high to pilot fire too often.

What should the low fuel feed be set on?

Low Fuel Feed of 1 is the correct setting , do not set that up to 6 it will run too many pellets.

Why is my pellet stove burning so many pellets?

The amount of pellet fuel necessary to heat your room to the desired temperature is dependent on several factors. If you are heating a large room, or the outside temperature is extreme, you will end up using a larger amount of pellets.

Why does the glass on my pellet stove get dirty so fast?

Your problem could be caused by a lack of air flow. Burning on too low of a setting can make your air-to-pellet ratio out of balance, which results in the build-up of creosote.

How do I get the most heat out of my pellet stove?

5 Ways To Get More Heat From A Pellet Stove

  1. Burn high quality pellets low in ash and moisture content.
  2. Increase the heat output setting on the stove.
  3. Increase the blower speed on the stove.
  4. Adjust the airflow in and out of the stove.
  5. Clean the stove regularly in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Why is my pellet stove using so many pellets?

What does 5u mean on a pellet stove?

This is normal and indicates that the stove is in Start Up mode. If proof of fire is not made by the end of that period the stove automatically shuts down.

What does heat range mean on a pellet stove?

The control board (“Heat Range”) setting determines the top auger feed rate. 4. The stove has a digital read-out control board and is started by pressing the “ON” touch pad. This. will start the upper auger, bottom auger and exhaust blower.

How do I get less ash in my pellet stove?

Clean the Burn Pot Break up pellet jams with a fireplace poker and remove them when the stove is cool. Vacuum the hopper or allow it to run completely empty to remove small fuel particles. Vacuum out any ash and wipe it from the glass and walls.

How to increase low air burn on pellet stove?

To increase the low air burn number press the up arrow buttons below the heat range and blower speed. You must press both of the up arrow buttons at the same time to adjust the number. Press the down arrows at the same time to decrease the number. Press the “Start” button to turn on the pellet stove.

Why does my pellet stove have a tall lazy flame?

If all doors seals are good and latched. MOST pellet stove are Negative air. (Inside of the Firebox is vacuumzed) If you don’t have the ash pan or door sealed less air will flow through the burn pot and you will have a tall lazy flame.

What are the buttons on the pellet stove control board?

The control board comes with preset factory settings. On the control board there are three buttons on the bottom. The first button is the “Lower Fuel Feed” (LFF), second is the “Low Burn Air” (LBA) and the third is “Air On Temp” (AOT). These buttons control how the pellet stoves operates.

Can a pellet stove be set on fire?

The simple reason is that pellets stoves are not made to burn anything else. While wood stoves can burn anything that can be set on fire, pellet stoves are particular. Pellet stoves use augers, electric elements, and fans, along with only a small lit-up area.