What county is Wetaskiwin in?

What county is Wetaskiwin in?

County of Wetaskiwin No. 10
Coordinates: 52°58′10″N 113°22′37″WCoordinates: 52°58′10″N 113°22′37″W
Country Canada
Province Alberta
Region Central Alberta

How safe is Wetaskiwin?

Altogether, Wetaskiwin’s Crime Severity Index numbers peg it as the most dangerous city in Alberta—and the third most dangerous in the country. (Maclean’s uses Statistics Canada’s annual crime data to produce a report ranking Canada’s 237 population centres with 10,000 or more people.

How big is Wetaskiwin Alberta?

16.74 km²

What is Wetaskiwin known for?

As the smallest city in Alberta, Wetaskiwin is well-known for its friendly, small-town atmosphere, providing a quality lifestyle through ample greenspace, parks and recreation opportunities.

Is Wetaskiwin a reserve?

About Us. The Ermineskin Cree Nation (Reserve #138) is one member of the Four Nations of Maskwacis, Alberta – located in Central Alberta about fifty miles south of Edmonton on Highway 2A, halfway between the towns of Ponoka and Wetaskiwin. The Ermineskin Cree Nations land base is approximately 25’000 acres.

What does the word Wetaskiwin mean?

the hills where peace was made
The name “Wetaskiwin”, in fact, is a Cree word meaning “the hills where peace was made”.

What is the largest reserve in Alberta?

Blood No. 148
The largest reserve in Alberta by population is Blood No. 148, held by the Kainai Nation. In 2018, 8,587 of Kainai’s 12,524 members lived on reserve, which is southwest of Lethbridge. The second-largest reserve by population is Saddle Lake No.

How old is the Wetaskiwin Hospital?

The Wetaskiwin Health Foundation was established on April 17, 1986 consisting of three original members: Clayton Monaghan, Dorothy French and Frank Dyck. In May of 1986 Reno Gauthier and Hank Colborne were added to complete the newly formed hospital Foundation.

Is it cheaper to buy a car in Alberta?

Generally, buying a car in Alberta is cheap because the province doesn’t charge any sales tax. This means that whatever deal you make in Alberta, you can avoid PST, RST, and QST. Also, remember that while the tax and insurance might be lower, it doesn’t automatically mean you would get a good car deal there.

Where is the county of Wetaskiwin in Alberta? The County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 is a municipal district in central Alberta, Canada, south of Edmonton. Located in Census Division No. 11, its municipal office is in located in the City of Wetaskiwin.

Where did the city of Wetaskiwin get its name?

Wetaskiwin ( / wəˈtæskəwɪn, – kwɪn /) is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. The city is located 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of the provincial capital of Edmonton. The city name comes from the Cree word wītaskiwinihk, meaning “the hills where peace was made”.

What kind of soil is in Wetaskiwin, Alberta?

Wetaskiwin sits on what was formerly the coast of the large sea that covered much of Alberta millions of years ago. The northwest end of Wetaskiwin is characterized by hills with sandy soil (formerly sand dunes), while the southeast end of the city is very flat with more silty soil.

Where does car cost less in Wetaskiwin come from?

The city is well known in Western Canada for the slogan and jingle “Cars cost less in Wetaskiwin”, from the Wetaskiwin Auto Dealers Association. Both have been in print, radio, and television advertisements since the mid-1970s.