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What Classifies a Casino Bonus as ‘Exclusive’ in 2022?

Recalling Orwell’s Animal Farm paradox (with a bit of a tweak, of course!), all bonuses are created equal, but some are better than others. Is it true that exclusive bonuses are superior to the rest? In fact, what renders a bonus exclusive? Why are some promotions deemed more tempting than others? We’ll be answering these and more questions…

Before Venturing into The Exclusive Bonus World…

Whichever casino you are playing with, remember, you’re paying your provider to access games and the promotions attached to it. In other words, you’re not only a player, but a customer first and foremost. So, like with any other product or service you’re purchasing, you need to be judicious enough to understand the descriptive words attached to an offer, and they’re not just thrown in to reel you in. Ask yourself, is this exclusive casino bonus, really as exclusive as it’s claiming to be?

However, if you’re not the kind of player who likes to overanalyse bonuses and just want an easy resource where you’ll surely find genuinely exclusive offers, then NoDepositExplorer is your friend!

What renders a bonus exclusive?

We can think of exclusive bonuses as ‘tailor-fitted’ promotions. But in reality, what distinguishes exclusive bonuses from the rest? For starters, they can be:

  • specific to your account details (e.g. offered on your birthday or any other date specific to your profile)
  • a reward tailored to your specific performance as a player
  • a reward unique to you for joining the casino, specifically adapted to the particular deposit you wagered
  • a reward tailored for your loyalty as a customer, aimed at strengthening customer retention
  • exclusive to the casino’s social media feed or any other affiliated platform – rather than being available on the casino’s page itself

Some Examples of Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses come in different shapes and forms, that’s why there are various names attached to them, depending on player eligibility as well as game selection.

No Deposit Bonuses

The best bonuses you can hope to claim, given that they don’t require any sort of investment from your end.

Welcome Bonuses

These are doubly exclusive because they’re:

  1. granted only once to a specific account holder at the time of registration and/or first deposit.
  2. adapted to the specific deposit wagered.

Match Bonuses

The bonus amount will be formulated as a percentage of the reload amount. Although this might sound unattractive when compared to no deposit bonuses, match bonuses are usually bigger than no deposit bonuses.

High-Roller Bonuses

These are usually very generous but stricter on wagering requirements, therefore not ideal for low rollers and casual players.

Free Spins Bonuses

Since these are always offered for slots, free spins exclusive bonuses are very popular, with so many spinners enjoying slots.

Loyalty Rewards

These tend to come in multiple levels depending on how old your account is or how much you would have spent at the particular gambling website.

Exclusive Bonuses for Special Events

These may be offered during certain events like tournaments or the launch of a specific game that the casino wants to promote. Another reason for a casino to offer this bonus might be that they would have reached a specific milestone. For instance, 20 years in business.

Why Are Exclusive Bonuses So Attractive?

Just in case you need further convincing about the unique value of exclusive casino bonuses, here is why they’re so popular:

  • You can test different casino games for free while still enjoying winnings of real cash prizes
  • Exclusive bonuses can be higher than regular ones
  • They can have lower wagering requirements and lower deposit requirements
  • They offer more flexible playthrough requirements compared to regular offers
  • Exclusive bonuses are very easy to find since they are offered by many online casinos.

Despite the popularity of these bonuses, it’s still essential to be judicious and cautious before taking up that exclusive bonus.

Things to Look Out For Before Claiming an Exclusive Bonus

We’ve compiled the following checklist for you to be able to test whether what’s being offered is really worth your while.

The Casino’s Reputation

Read about the casino, check its ranking among gamblers, what they had to say about the providers (based on their experience) and after all, if it’s licensed and regulated.

Game Restrictions

Make sure the game you’re playing is eligible for the exclusive bonuses wagering requirements. The last thing you want is to realise the game you’re playing doesn’t have this sought-after promotion attached to it!

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Despite being an exclusive casino bonus, it will almost certainly require a minimum deposit, unless, of course, it’s an exclusive no deposit bonus.

Check Mobile Availability

Although the market is nowadays very mobile-friendly, it’s always a good idea to double check that the bonus can be claimed through your mobile device too.

Wagering Conditions

Like any other bonus, wagering conditions will still apply to exclusive bonuses, unless the specific casino operator states otherwise.

Keep in Mind The Time Window

All exclusive casino bonuses come with their own expiration dates unless otherwise specified by the operator in question. It’s your onus to decipher whether the timeframe is enough for you to complete the playthrough requirements and enjoy the reward.

Check Your Jurisdiction!

With each different jurisdiction comes a complex set of laws to abide by. In other words: not all exclusive casino bonuses would be available in the place you are playing from.