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What can the Family Law Clinic do for You?

What can the Family Law Clinic do for You?

The Family Law Clinics undertake to help families in matters relating to domestic issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, abuse of the aged, maintenance issues, marital conflict, guardianship, adoption and any other areas of family conflict requiring counselling and/or legal resolution.

When to apply for Legal Aid for family law?

Legal aid is available for the following family issues: applications for a Child Arrangements Order, Prohibited Steps Order or Specific Issue Order, if you or your child have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence or abuse from the other party.

Do you have to pay for family law?

Most family cases will be means tested; so you will have to show that you cannot afford to pay legal costs. You will be required to give information about your income, benefits, savings, property and shares and those of your partner.

Where can I get free family law advice?

To benefit from the services offered by the Family Law Clinics go to our CLINICS page and find out if we are in your area. If we are not in your area then please mail us your details at [email protected], or contact us on 021 851 5504.

How can a family lawyer help you?

  • especially the kids.
  • then you must seek the assistance of family lawyers.
  • Child custody matters.
  • Taking care of prenuptial agreement.

    How do lawyers help in Family Matters?

    One of the things that family lawyers can do for an individual is that they help in preventing mistakes that a person might do. The law is complicated for those who do not have much knowledge about it and with a small mistake, it can cause the client more financial harm and might even prolong the process of divorce. By getting the help of divorce lawyers, clients can get expert pieces of advice so that errors can be prevented. Thus, it will fasten the proceedings.

    What is the purpose of family law?

    Family law is a body of statutes, rules and regulations, and court procedures that govern relationships within family units. The laws in each state vary, but they are all aimed at preventing emotional conflict or physical abuse for both adults and children.

    What are some examples of family law?

    • Equal rights for children.
    • The right to decide on the number of children.
    • The mother’s right to legal protection and social security.
    • Protection against family abuse.
    • Protection in case of marriage abandonment.